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I played baseball. It's kind of like a normal like people getting nervous. That's a great way to describe it. It's like less club like last ability. You actually have then. The like nervousness actually isn't total a lot of nervousness it's how much it outweighs actually do it. And if you know and you just not gonna go you're nervous is going to be because you're gonna hit oral shopping. Yeah it's like it's like buying a house right. If i have a million dollar house and a half million dollars it's like oh i could just buy so. I'm all good but if you don't have that money you can only put a down payment. You're in debt. So you get in debt nervous wise i think for me explain it vegas five and i really appreciate that makes all the sense in the world at scream office since it's so true because i never wanna be with nervous ever again like i. I wanna about a million dollar house every time step on the box now paying cash in cash. it's all just a gigantic nervousness mortgage payment looming. I filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy. Twenty dollars. i. I've seen the tee box and i was like michael scott. I declare bankruptcy. And everyone's just like it's not. Oh where you have to hit the ball trent. When we went to troubadour trend couldn't get the golf ball on the tee. He was so nervous he literally couldn't get the gop on the it. Tell me how much did he was in. That's happened to me twice now. We did it at pinehurst. And then we did a troubadour. I'm always. I'm usually the first one to go and i couldn't get the damn ball and the l. Yeah had a good one but still. I'm fucking nervous. Because i i don't have any gulf ability. I have none of it. So i'm hoping for the best. We'll say at pinehurst. It was a little unfair because kisner knew that that was going to happen before you even tried to i five. He's like oh we can't get the ball in the tee. Trent and your key knew what he was doing. He's seen that programs before psychological warfare. I don't care where you base at right now in lexington. I'm still right now. But i spend. The offseason likes days going the breeders cup so i think we're heading down. I'll be there. I'll be a ambassador for the breeders cup so that happened. Because he's won the world series or was that prior. That's that's been a couple of years. That's where i met dave there two years ago. He's telling a story about it when the whole tight pants thing happened. I guess i like the breeders cup that i like when i him and sat down and i guess acted like he should have known who i was even though he was least things happened. And he's not the one like let that slide. He will let you know immediate one of my favorite stories ever marlins man comes running up to david he's like. Hey dave what are you hang on and turns around and puts the marlins had on it goes how about now and these like marlins. Okay mas man. What's up so he'll he'll tell you that right tuesday's but bring the Bring your guys closing apply country club..

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