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Not everyone in the room knows who he is that he's like, I've never seen the show. Meanwhile, the guys officiating his fucking wedding. Just some random guy in like a cop suit could have been a stripper, honestly would have been easier to get a stripper and aqap sue the friend like any there was anyone in their wedding. That was like, why didn't they ask me? Can you believe they ask fucking David harbor? It's like, oh, I'm known this couple for forty years. Meanwhile, David harbour up here. They don't even know this idiot from a not from show that no, no one's ever heard of him. He's officiating the wedding. I, I would love to be in the room with the wedding party after David harbour left because I would love to hear the complaining about what happened. Let's move onto another quick wedding. This is crazy to be. So there's a niece, Richard, Scott, married war romper the internet blew up and she was like, whoa, robber. I didn't think the internet would be mad tea. He he, he, he, he was. He was like, how dare Shubra romper? She married this guy, Aaron fight talks about with them. We talked about him. It's very clear. I was talking to. I've mentioned Kate all the time, but I was talking to my friend Kate about this, and she was like, it's so funny that she's so clearly. Did this for real housewives, which has there's never been anything more obvious that she got. She signed a four year four million deal for housewives. She will be on hospice for four years. She needed this money. She got this money, and now she is programming her life to fill these requirements which include getting married in forty eight with forty hours. Notice which you can tell. They put a picture of the wedding and oboe. That's a that's a quick job. That's a quick job. Quick job. It's a quick. It's quick job, but it's also like. It's the sort of it's sort of rush job that comes with money to like, it's not like a cheap rush job. It's inexpensive rush job, but it's still a rush job that Infinity symbol that like pinata Infinity symbol. That's really embarrassing. But is it like paper machine? Very embarrassing. So they got married on September eighth, and they tried to explain it all the way. What I love is whenever celebrity clearly does something for like the publicity or for contractual reasons, and they have to pretend that they did it for very earnest personal reasons. And so her thing is new. We got married on September eight because eight means something to us. Eight means Infinity, which has the thin, any sign that they made out of God knows what it's really embarrassing thing I've ever seen it. So it's like, yeah. Okay. But that doesn't explain what you did it on this eighth and not maybe an eighth in the year. And of course, of course, I'm sorry, like the kings and queens at us, weekly do this great little aside where they say Charlie Sheen I wished Denise Richards, happiness as she got for her wedding, and they wrote Sheen's well, wishes come. Month after he claimed he can no longer afford his child support payments to the wild things coast to the Wild Thing star. And his third wife, Brooke Mueller. So he can't pay anyone child support. So all of a sudden, you know. Quietly, probably the reason that she's doing any of this because she got she was getting a certain amount of money for a really long time. And now Charlie has stopped paying her that amount. We don't really know what Charlie pays her anymore. If at all, but he saying he can no longer support her in the way that she had grown accustomed John Lee. She got that you had to go back to work. And fortunately people like Richard. So it's like on Beverly deal, and I do think she's going to be going too good on the show. And I look forward to seeing this wedding unfold in forty eight hours on the show. So I'm actually not even mad about it. Well, what what I'm intrigued by an almost makes me want to rewatch or not. Rewatch start watching the show is told me much the relationship between Denise Lisa, like, what's that gonna be like, I mean, it's going to be great..

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