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Kathleen welcome nice to have you on bank here thanks for having me well the book as job hitting scott at you tidal it brings a smile on my face and i'm sure a lot of others uh home what's the book about white wedding castle wedding clover think that she was a cow well it sounds nice eighth also because clover was near and dear to my heart she was my hat for nineteen and a half years and i raised her size of cells with no other cows um and she was raised with my german shepherd is my golden retriever so i think clover thought see what's the dodge and when it was time for actually clovers to stay at of farms as other cows he would have nothing to do with that he was never go on the biron nothing it was just insist so cute it was great having a hat cheese he was different and she taught me a lot oh i won't me use germinal much book cows in their behavior buddy oh how qua how causes a relationship with a cow obviously a dog and even a cat even on our account lover the only a response of their affection athena lovable lake they communicate easily ways how would you describe the behavior of a cow well i i would have another gas test but bolden was very effective yet she would come every time i called her and it was so funny all my friends you know they leave their like you gotta sets the out you've got to come and see clover on we would go for a walk he would like follow my car uh it was amazing see love heat three does she loves to be brush and she's just loves you know running around in the yard it was it was pretty amazing and that's why i decided to reduce emissions looks luke something i would.

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