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On most of the charges I should correct myself there I think I said that initially but it was most of the charges And the message is very clear that the jury completely rejected the claims of citizens arrest and self defense from Travis mcmichael his father Greg they along with their neighbor William roddy Bryan were convicted of murder aggravated assault and false imprisonment for chasing ahmaud Arbery with pickup trucks on February 23rd 2020 They cornered him and Travis mcmichael shot him at close range with the shotgun Brian recorded the confrontation on his cell phone which became a damning piece of evidence in this trial After the verdict today prosecutor Linda donakowski said the jury did its job And when you present the truth to people and they can see it They will do the right thing And that's what this jury did today And getting justice for ahmaud Arbery What was the reaction from Arbery's family They've been in the court daily for this trial Right both of his parents were very emotional as the verdict was read in the courtroom And then afterwards they came out and talked with people about what it meant to them Here's Wanda Cooper Jones I never thought this day would come But God is good Yes he is Thank you Thank you For those who marched those who prayed most of the ones who prayed Yes Laura Thank you guys Thank you And now quiz which you know him as a mind I know him as quiz He will now rest in hey man So Cooper Jones and Marcus Arbery his father had been fighting for justice for their son since the killing if you recall.

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