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Kids, our parents, not just our educators on distance learning. We put out a lot of guidelines in this space to help educate support parents. I know our school. We're sending our kids with pre school kids and other kids going to elementary school middle school. They've also been putting out kids and kits and guidelines some videos to help support parents like myself. My wife this effort and we want to continue to Seymour of that, and we're seeing a lot of that. I know Austin Butin Ally, Unified School District beginning to do a lot of that as well to his credit, and so we're gonna have to do a lot more. Because you're right. The stresses air. Really, These challenges are demonstrably and yes, they're very personal. Rachel BLOOM. Kaiser Health News Governor. Thanks so much. I would have knocked it there. It's taking between five and seventies. Teo get results for test diagnostic tests right now, and I know that they're really important part of California testing infrastructure. Both private and public. He's taking a really long time. The results are you at all rethinking the partnership or any of their contract with us? How What are you thinking about to try and get some of these results a little faster and a little bit more meaningful. So, as you know, we re constitute our testing task force. Dr Galley a week ago made that announcement laid out specific details. New strategies. New protocols, new acuity of focus on testing new tiered strategies for testing..

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