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$2 billion quarterly loss. It's coming up on 28. Now. Traffic and weather together on the H Here's Julien Rogers. Okay. New trouble on airport freeway just looking in the area. This is going to be Eastbound. I'll put this pretty close to Bedford Road, which of course, is just as you're getting into the Bedford City limits. Uh, two right lanes blocked off here with emergency crews and a backup that took no time at all to build towards the North East Mall. So that happened very quickly, and the techs press lanes. If you happen to be able to use those those work just fine. It's I would say at this point. It's definitely worth the change. Otherwise 15 minutes on this back up pretty easily 3 60 North still construction at Abram, That's going to be in the left lane, and that's been slowing us for quite some time. We're still pretty heavy there. From about 3031 75. TROUBLE in Ciego Bill that is westbound near Beltline Road, where an accident that occurred in the grassy area is blocking the left lane of traffic and check that they just they moved to a shoulder so they're no longer blocking the left lane. But I'll tell you what this accident is pretty pretty noticeable and it's in the grass right next to the freeway there, So you're gonna have some slow onlooker traffic That's going to continue north from about stark, rude. I'm Julian Rogers next report at 1 38 and breaking traffic alerts when they happened. Near stationary thunderstorms Right now, well out to our west, including Wichita.

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