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But what becomes interesting is what the ramifications for this are and the minute i heard mel indicate this and josh alan jumped outright ways the quarterback that the cleveland browns were not going to be able to look away from as a group that's passed on top and skill set the last couple of years that ended up being the demise for sashi brown gerardy say this if the browns end up taking josh alan vis to me seems like the end of jackson's tenure and cleveland because the way we see it he is going to be just good enough to get drafted of that position nowhere near ready enough to step in and be the guy for them this year and as we've seen when push comes to shove in the last couple of years when you draft a raw quarterback who's gonna need time to develop it makes you take an extra long look not of the quarterback because you've just got him on board but if the guy who's developing hammond if the guy who's developing him has another season riddled with losses the way this one was for the browns in hugh jackson who already has that one win record on his mantle through the course of his first couple of seasons in cleveland i don't know how we survived that why i'd be sweating out that decision you i know he's a guy was confident in his ability to develop quarterback i don't know if i am confident in the early returns on investment from josh allen enough to believe it allows him to keep his job first and last podcast first and last podcast task and find him the head of football outsiders at football outsiders dot com one of our espn insider analysts and my favorite version of his twitter bio former spring break beach m c aaron shots joining us now here and aaron before we get into anything else i have to ask especially around this time of year as it gets cold up in the new england parts is already party you that still misses the days of yesteryear is the brits spring break mc it's really hard to believe that my year and daytona be actually happened for those people who don't know.

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