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Ninety four. He's Melissa milsop. And he told us, hey, we're gonna come back, and we're gonna take advantage of what they giving us play with us. Why we miss we miss him? Look. We miss them out there and having him. I just felt good. And he took advantage of the opportunity. He played with that swag. We missed. There's the line. He played tournament falls. He played with that swag. That we missed now. Could've been Wendell Smallwood Chipper Jabarin he played with that swag that we missed because I would never. Think of associated Nick foles with the word swag. Okay. He's just not that kind of a guy. But small would set it and one had a good game today. So I'm gonna roll with it and ask you what you make of that comment. He played with this wag that we missed. And I'm Tony some somebody else made a similar comment. And it leads to this question, which by the way, I should check to see. What did we never even checked? Whence is healthy. Okay. I got to get around looking at these over one hundred comment. If Wentz his healthy Sunday, you stardom. S? The owning tweeted out at the end of the game. And I get it. I get it. The defense played great. Jeffrey had a terrific game. There's a lot of reasons why they won that game out. Now it had a, but there's no doubt that that's going to be your kickoff conversation piece because he's the only guy on that field. The quarterback is that has his hands on the ball every play other than the center. San Antonio has the bone is hands. If you know what you know. No. The quarterback has to make everything happened. So I get it. When people want to say. Booker. Is on ninety four WPA Booker. Hey, daddy. Hey, I'm feeling fine. Listen, I just want to say one split up into two parts. I a eagle staying in the Sixers thing, but I. Remember last week when I called you you have I got on all of the foles stuff came up. I brought a four points toward them in bulk. Bolts now. Owl's is is odd. Do beep Vive do who became do? Immediately became to do when he took clue Bledsoe's place after that. Right. Yes. Sir. A long time ago. No, no, no, wait a minute. No. What I mean exposes? I'd do do Tom Brady and became the do winning Super Bowl and the MVP, but he did not become the dude. Unfortunately. Well, wait a minute. That's the way you look at it. Well, if he was the duty would have been starting all year. No, no. I mean in regards to the accolades in all of the stuff that was poured upon him after he'd be changed SuperBowl and BT now last week. I mentioned about his ARA. This was on Monday after the game. What will you? Stop Pat yourself on the back and just talk me. Why do you keep the hand to bring up what you said last? Just to be now forget got yourself on the back about what you said last week with there's no way keeping score. Gotcha. Gotcha. Now, I'm not saying nothing bad about Wes. I liked it. But I do agree with what you said about this whole franchise tag. That's been put on it. I think it's a little bit premature. In regards to in regards, the ones now one thing I wanted to ask you or your producer as a ever been a situation where tobacco has won the Super Bowl became a Super Bowl MVP and the end in the following year. Not be distorted I my guess is now first of all virtually we did this mean Angelina did it you only quarterbacks you didn't start following year. Joining a Super Bowl. Peyton Manning who retired? Denver, right. And John Elway who retired anti he wanted again with Denver. So look one franchise. Joanie franchise has had that happened to. But that's only because they retired. And that's it. That's all we could come up with. Okay. I'm done thinking the same thing. And and Lindahl small would say and again taking nothing away from Wes. He's not the only one that probably feels that way about the swag. And you said you don't see swag. I look at this look at it this way. And not taking anything away from once about when you hear and you see foles, and I understand it. I'm sorry that other guy dot cuddle when you seem in a huddle when you hear him during the press conference. Even kill it could be because of the weight is he was brought up in his his is religion or based on what I don't know. Now, I gotta jump in. Does he seem more even keeled than wants to you? Now. No, let me say this thing is a little bit different. And it could be because of the age because west because foles older streams, Jack. And and I agree with you. I think it bothered hill. And he said it sometimes it bothered him that what happened. He wasn't involved. Even though he helped get us there. But I think it really got him. I think he was her and the deal is he wouldn't tell anybody. He wouldn't let on what the deal was bad enough to be left out of the game. I think that was an organizational decision that was made. And no one will ever tell us. But I don't I don't think that they were going to win out. Now, my question to you was this as again, and I do have a Sixers thing. But if they went out these two games, I'm not even talking about the playoffs. Did they went up the next two games? What do you do with this situation? Because that's what it's become now. What do you do with this situation? I never wanted me jump in and say, I hope that situation arises. Which means more winning football. Pretty eagles this year. And of course that bridge when I get to it. But. Well, then I'll question way back you since you're one bringing it up since Wednesday's not gotten that big payday yet. Okay. He's do this giant payday, but he hasn't gotten it yet. Would you give the payday defaults over once? That's a good question. I well. You led me to say that? Really? Yeah. I don't know. I I wouldn't give it to him. Because you said something about why would not want with foale's not be here next year. 'cause he's a free agent. And it's going to be somebody who's going to need a starting quarterback. I think he's the kind of person that would probably give gets the eagles. Philadelphia discount. I don't think. So I think he wants to be a starter and get the big big money. Let me do. Okay quickly. Thank you. You might have the same thing coming up with the medical thing because I like what you say in Jimmy Butler with a groin injury. And I hope that that heels, and this whole thing that came up now between big Embiid getting rest again and that they'd been off and on losing a little bit. I think it's growing, but I just wanted to see you comment on it. And I hope Jimmy what's your question? I didn't get as specific. Do you think that there's something brewing with the Sixers in regards to the coach, maybe Simmons and also? This is big. Thank you. What is the question? Anyone do something Bruni rattled off four guys when I interrupted him. I am not smart enough to connect to others. But I was enjoying booker's calls and Boker. Thank you. Call again and truly not tonight to talk Sixers, anyway, even though they didn't win today Goodwin. Nice to see them win. We're really not the this. This. I'm going to have to just keep repeating this history. Go through the night. I have no idea if I've ever been more wrong about an eagles game. I certainly have been wrong about eagles game sixer games Phillies games. You know, the big sixer games playoff games in that on. On. Wrong. You know, I I remember the day rain delay game five of the oh eight World Series. Right. I said I don't care who starts off that inning. When we get back to playing, but it better than happy Jenkins. Jenkins and hit a double off the wall. All. That's pretty wrong act a World Series game. So maybe that's more wrong than me today. But again, I wasn't on the air Thursday and Friday and. I if I was I would've told you the eagles were going to get creamed. I really everything pointing in that direction. Everything I listened in pre-game show not one person per giggles. Not one person picked the eagles. And a couple of eagles losing rather handily. Like, I would I'm not gonna. I would have done the same thing. I just I didn't see it. And I'm going to have to constantly say that tonight. And it doesn't bother me. I'm thrilled. They won. It was a great game was fun. Watching a changes everything about Sunday. Now known it. Gives us his Sunday to really look forward to. They now have a forty percent chance of making play offs. We can't get the Super Bowl champs. Just get in the playoffs is not supposed to be enough. But I gotta tell you. I didn't think they were going to get their forty percents. Not sixty percent, not seventy nine eighty Ray dingy was asked in the post game show. Does he think eagles end up making a postseason? He said now he's still thinks too many things have to happen. Then they make the postseason. We're me. Sure. I was pretty sure they weren't making it before today. And I know this much can't wait this Sunday. And that's always what it's about for sportsmen to be able to say can't wait this Sunday. Can't wait it Thursday night. Can't wait to Saturday. That's what sports is supposed to do for. You. Look. I'm not preaching put that is what it's supposed to do. That's the ultimate compliment to sports is when it leaves you with Daffy on on man, I can't wait to Sunday. And I did not feel that way prior to tonight. I did not. I did. I did not. And you know, may I like, well, I don't exactly read the crowd at the hands. They come up and tell me how they feel reading pretty much Bob around the entire bar restaurant. Why up there eventually get around to talking to anybody goes natty? It's what I do. It's one of the reasons why they pay me. I mean, I do trivial little bait and this and that, but I'm basically, they're just hanging and all that and. And nobody really thought they were going to win the night. One guy. One guy came up to when I'm telling you. When what am I saying one guy was DJ Bill will hands actually as a DJ for? Their games up there. And he told me forty games starting this real feeling you're gonna win this game today. My hands. Lena. Who's listening took the time to text me to say the other Super Bowl quarterback who which replaced now Denver situations away manning retired. So really the only one was ever. Replaced with Trent Dilfer. Was not starting the next year. And that's it. Harold on ninety four WPA Harold. Great great show last call the Booker probably go to love by yourself. He has a tendency to remind people that he said this and said that last week, and quite frankly, I never even quite know whether to challenge him or not on this. I don't remember if he says these things you're not Brian. Oh, he's making it up. But I enjoy Booker, right? But I was getting as you could tell I got a little weary of him telling me what he said last week..

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