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This is a head Gum podcast all Asia and invest that money it's up to open a piece of Aloha Aloha Aloha. They're welcome to twin invasion. The podcast about schemes gene streams misdemeanors cons gifts hustles anyway. You're making that money. We're here to help you and as always I'm joined by my lovely little twin brother L. Hefei the chef Jeff Rose Murray strains of Outta. Go off the rails to doing again queen a hello yeah I like that the Merch made love for somebody and then I texted you something about the along. Did you may just sitting on a shirt. Oh Mike Y. Let's say I forget what maybe I just said. In general the like the existence assistance of assurance we so cool bone sure narrate anybody make me assure poll Sean on Awesome Queen on them before we get any like you know like what does it have to be upon it should just be like the brand loyalty not. I love that black on gold. Yeah Okay No David but sure I'm good with it remember. We'll chop them up in my off time turning into a lot of my time. These days folks listeners out there. I know we gotTA flirt from New Brunswick Show is he liked to pitch a million between dollar ideas to help bring the masses to the wealth prosperity that they deserve their Gog even right they survey to purge. It's alright to purge on a good idea. The movie show shows Hulu. It's on Hulu we we did watch it. Yes Billy Baldwin Baldwin but he's doing like Alec Baldwin Impression leg. It's like up. I ALEC is getting roasted. yes on Sunday people still doing its own cheese. I love US Sir Confuse it could because it's never the trash not. It's so rose. The situation is roasting. You you know like a Donald. Trump can't roast anyone because he's imprisoned. They had these like old school voted billion catskill comedians up there. You know old proper men who telling jokes folks. You don't like the rose. I think they're pretty classless. What's Ruskin aware this time `Nigma Kate think caitlyn Jenner's? There's doing it too yeah yeah. She's their clip that keep I'm show and good humor. I think they're all going to be going for her. Obviously Soros master probably rural say it should be billy. Baldwin Blake Griffin is there. That's what I saw forgot. He used today Kylie or Kendall which one's runs which I mean. He pretended to date Kendall. It's all fake aged folks and that's my bring bringing to art smell that I do both we like that after part slices and it's funny you guys brought up a lovely beef steaming beef reduce the new everyone's talking about Marshal's cartridges right fricken cartridge cartridges are killing Pete's chest. THC One all vaping. It's this is you also included included in this yeah typically like the bad juice in the bad juice but they're also saying that it's really like the different oils like vitamin E. oil that they put in these cartridges that make it like more smokable and they put that in the you know nicotine and like other kinds of cartridges too and it turns turns out it might clog the little tiny little is is very joel two. You're saying yeah it's vaping is like a new science on it. It's not safe and hailing a bunch of chemical steam or so you know who were all Guinea pig. We've all been doing it for three years. Yeah kids lungs below. Try through twelve years smoke weed like smoke like pampore like a clove cigarette. If you mosque Moke Zara smell like cinnamon bun we read we read what's going on because it's not the lungs things that are blowing up. I think people are getting mown failing. It looks like pneumonia. It's like clogged up little sex which I also have fucking hate that word full lung fit collapsing with full lung failure. Here's the little excerpt here the reason is that the cuts in fake cards deposit pause and build up in the lungs and the lung can operate fine up until a certain concentration the cut builds up and you know they're talking about people cutting up the this one specifically. THC and not buying the dispensary gas exchange caused ammonia then all of a sudden. You have a problem because he can't absorb enough having shortness of breath lately and I don't know if it's just because the people need to bathe more. You realize that you're just hydrating then. You're hydrating your whole body when you take about them. It's fucking scary in is your biggest organ bay when we first moved here are fucking Bodega guy that out to my beef is with Mohammed the guy. Was You know we didn't ask him. He approached us because you know why he sees Dave with his jewel. It Goes Oh. Do you want to cook and Dave says yes and obviously athletic into and then it's like we end up spending all this money and now we're just GonNa die because he's giving you under the counter because he's giving us over the counter under the table in California and he's selling he's cards on this for a while and stuff. Dave is Dave. Where did you get that for the three stooges but you always talk should have Mona stooges stooge at the end of the day Janice? Ask for hearing me once in the studio that guy that promise meal those jewel packs from discarded store needs to send them. What do you need? Dave million discarded veep foods soon. You'll words safe your your lungs aren't meant to be inhaling. It'll be vaping real mango in real banana or so anyway. This is a stressful beef. Let's move on to lake AAC move onto. Maybe our heavy hitter yourself yeah talk day. WE'RE NOT BE A. okay. I'm beefing. I would love to have Sirius. Xm Now serious siriusxm indicate that you have to pay what is it though he's twenty a month radio. How do I have to my car? I also don't understand what it is the only thing I think you need a special. I think you need a new whole new radio beef. It's a bitch together interest you in here in that conversation. I WANNA get it. Whatever it is driving around a lot yeah you know like drive around around and spun? Where are you going prison crews and for Breeding Jersey Lot go to Jersey ally? Would we go this past weekend. Hamptons am the I know. That's that maybe we'll hit a main. We keep talking about me and you want to come to main. Kind of murky wants to go to the main main thing I'll be ENA is not expensive and it's supposed to be beautiful. It's still be beautiful like it's cold out yeah. Let's do it this week. We'll see we'll see. We'll see how China folks it's time for the baby with the most devious to pitch a no hitter okay or maybe a grand slam have you're pitching grandson was a grand slam. I liked that folks who pose a question. Please tail worth worse the council thing you get right out of the gym and sit on and this one Nigga you're you're telling the people a little bit too much count right. Now I guess maybe you know your phone slips down through the cracks ex there of all the cushions like a real real nonsensical gotta be at a TV you can just fleet is in there somewhere. Your airport is in or other somewhere in the cow. It's been there for months. What do you mean we I'm just telling me that David we haven't we've known it for months for months about a new way to me because I need that air pot without any music make me lose control only lose just about any goddamn thing he phones drools r. I P coins and I for one. I'm sick and tired of introducing my brand new furniture company seamless. It's the only seemingly feeing is the foreseeable future is the one in your wallet when you Crack Open that sucker.

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