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To tankless and water coming out of the top it never. There's never a water heater failure where it comes out of the top i had one. Wow a cell. I know you've got a lot of different things going on with water and technology which okay normally we say you know. Water and electricity don't mix but this isn't really electricity. This is i. I did try electricity. Things i had a thing on there called a scale watcher. Another one called scale blaster little kind of audio sweep generators inside if you listen to him. It sounds like we okay. So like the the fire engine coming up behind me all right telling me to move over. Yeah and the. The the those are feeding coils around the pipe and a changing magnetic field can induce charging on things that are in the water. They start turning up and then they get blown to smithereens and your water comes out better But these little devices are really kind of weak so when we had that water heater blow up I had already. Luckily i had a narrates. Tankless outdoor mount -able tankless heater. So i got hot water. That just keeps going as long as i need it. I it never runs out. You're not attacking and you're not paying to keep forty fifty sixty gallons hot all the time. So right right yeah. That's a very cool thing. It's still going to cool in the hot thing but hey you know that's just me and her such a squirt any a anyway. These jokes are just a drop in the bucket. All right now. i'm sorry. go on go. i'm an expert. Where x is unknown and spurred drip under pressure on folks. We'll get back to it yes. I don't have a brian tank here we don't put salt pellets in. Okay all right and apparently there's something about the water was fine because when we cut the pipes it was clean inside nice. Okay didn't matter i. I went to meg. Nation and i got There aqua bowl which is to rain bolts and a thing in the middle and what does a thorough job. It's using super magnets. It does a very thorough job of correcting conditioning. Everything you could want the water. There's no scale downstream. It neutralizes the ph ph meter. Just to watch a pop. It's wonderful it it. It bag nation dot our nation water. The rain lake water dot com. It look it up. It's it's just doing a lot of stuff with yeah. I also got a. We had one of those long cartridge. Sediment traps exists super sediment trap uses disks instead it catches things down to five microns. Okay nice and then it reverse flushes you. Just switch evolve over rotated four times in each direction And it's clean and you're good for months more so nice. Yeah we've got the water getting condition. We've got the water getting filtered. We got the water going into the house. There's no scale anywhere in the house. The pipes are clean. The acid is neutralized. Nothing comes through it. it's just. I wish i'd had this forever. I the water And by the way since then Mag nation split off a consumer product. Line called water tamer. Name your water dot com or water. Tamer dot com. I think the original thing. I got was called Was just one end of it. It was it was called. the rain. Bolt remould built in in the commercial side is is more expensive but on the residential side under the water. Tamer line it's called water. Tamer model are for residential. Okay are It comes with a mixer to between a pair of them with a mixture tube in between and that's called trifecta and try factor. We'll do more for you than changing the salt in the bucket twice a week. I mean it's it's really an amazing thing. Add that to what they called on the commercial side. The super sediment Water filter on the water chamber side. It's called crud tamer credit tamer okay. I like that all right so with crud tamer and trifecta. I've got nothing to worry about in the house. You get the lather. You don't get the scale in the end. The acidity is reduced. Iron in the water is reduced a lot of water woes. Just go. they're they're they're gone. I'm london that's I also want to mention Going back to that. Tankless heater It's a condensing tankless cedar which means it's got an acid trip. We had the plumbers. Bring the acid drip inside the basement where it passes through a neutralizer from. Jj 'em boiler works. I have to replace a packet of l. I think it's alkaline in there once a year. That's it replaced that package once a year and it never bothers the drains. It's going down to septic. it's just fine. It's handy dandy So you know. Water is worth attention. And instead of dealing with lugging those huge bags of salt all the time. I'm seventy two years old. You wanna do it for me. It's a little bit of a drive. I think it's and it's kind of out of my way to do that. Probably hire hire one of your local Teenagers and i got signed. And just get the same kid. You d you know the you have the low the front lawn or whatever sell anyways. There's just so much in regards to water there so much in regards to this and actually mark next week. I want to ask you about the commercial side. This is ben rothwell. Let's party winston. You're listening to computer talk radio. I'll be back with more in just a moment. Years ago i found a web hosting company that fit my needs as a computer nerd as a radio show and just a normal person. Recently though it was clear to me that it was time to upgrade. He had a choice between my old plan and the new one at seven times the cost. It was that awkward. Point where i could choose between a simple or being dunked in a pool. I searched around comparing the many options for someone like me. After searching around for three weeks there. It was saint ground in proper fashion. I tested their customer service their knowledge and their willingness to do things the right way. The site ground salesman made sure that didn't over by and get a fifty gallon bucket. When a thirty two ounce would do these guys know wordpress jamila and regular standard websites. These guys site grounder awesome sight ground dot com site s. I t ground.

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