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'cause i could probably spend days and days talking about everybody. That's in the booklet. Obviously how was a focal point in the book and How difficult was it to get him to open. Open up to you talk about what actually went down especially in the part of the mission that went bad during the retaking of one of the provincial. Capitals yeah i think that I mean the way that i got now. Hats was a different story that i was researching I had heard his name. Sort of indies circles of contract is in in kabul knew who he was But i was investigating a story about a former green beret who was raising trying to raise. Anti islamic state militia in the eastern that effort had gone horribly wrong ended up decapitating isis fighters and putting their heads piles of rocks very gruesome. He got into lots of trouble but he claimed to have support from american special forces in the present he claimed supported him was hotch so i reached out to hot. And i said you know Would you like to explain why you got to beat supporting medicine. Decapitates people it puts the heads on on rocks and he was very worried that another very negative story would come out about. Us special forces you know soon after the bombing ems side hospital. So that's how i initially got speak to him In he clarified some of the details of that story. So as it turned out the guy had been a vastly overstating the amount of support that he had from the us military and I was always fascinated by hunter's story. Because i heard so much about everybody else in that incident at no one had ever heard from the soldiers who are involved. I was really interested to know his viewpoint in how he i guess lived at what had happened. And how would you take and Over over the years. I got to know more green berets head. Ford at the time convinced the critical mass of them to participate in the book is him if he would he would do it and And he agreed. And i think it just it. I think the thing that soldiers most worrying about when they speak to journalists journalists are going to have an agenda or that they have some kind of motivation for for me. I just wanted to tell Pot story tell potted the afghan that i thought was being represented anymore in the news because journalists no longer had access to special operations in the government was no longer really saying what they were doing. They did have this critical part in. So i wanted to do is be fair and balanced as possible and that was an. I guess that finally convinced convinced the guys to to participate right and during this one operation Couldn't use a. I think it is said the operation there a what happened was the afghan commando said come under fire They had identified a target for air for an airstrike and there was a mistake. target ended up being a hospital with doctors without borders in. It went horribly wrong but you know Rather than try to. It seemed like rather than trying to find out what had happened. In interviewing the soldiers it seemed like the higher ups in kabul immediately declared it a war crime and you know went after hutch in You know they kept asking him. You mentioned it in the book. You want to change your story. You weren't and they were accusing him. Basically of lying and it was before even all the events had come out and then later on after the fact that he was proven correct but it was still horrible mistake and one of that was one of the more compelling parts of the book because in it. you're not only getting his perspective as you talk to him but his wife in back in the states you know he's talking to her on the phone and she's like well the routed caller war crime and It was just a terrible terrible incident in no one came out on top on that one. No it wasn't and I think that was one of one of the one of the incidents at dates. Breathe a certain amount of resentment amongst the ranks of the of soldiers on the ground hutches level of blood because they felt that they've been thrown under a bus. Because you had this. Major city falls to the taliban got pictures on twitter of the taliban Partying in the middle of good news in you. Send indies guys. You've never been to kuni a four on this very dangerous mission to rescue the city and then when something goes wrong then Acts like they are criminals and take any responsibility for the fact that you have come up with a plan to leave afghanistan. That's not sustainable. Because the problem was the dynamic that the americans had withdrawn jones support from afghan. Boys not get not ready to hold onto the territory that they were supposed to hold on the. Us wasn't prepared to let it go. You know another way that could have turned up. The us could have said okay. They lost news. We're going to step back because as we said we're no longer involved in this war and things would have turned out differently but they weren't prepared to both let's go to war and and defining ended that You know because at that point flight. Two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen. The government is telling us we're not at war anymore in afghanistan and There's the famous saying at that time was. There's no boots on the ground. I remember hearing that quite often in the news but there were a boots on the ground and it seemed like Without.

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