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Think you're recreating the general recreating it. I really like <hes> <hes>. I'm probably have it. I guess that was my go-to for a great great. You can get online go to the general and save save safe. Stay best time and probably had actually keeps you going on. Morons morons how much more can arise o ooh <hes>. I'm watching me. Be mom okay. That's just ended right before they are all cover your face in slime anyway you can go to the general dot com slash remix and the panel of judges pick the topic videos the listeners it's a whole thing you and a guest tickets to come and watch eddie nine nova <hes> vegas and november it also includes a meet and greet <hes> round show co-chair for hotel accommodations for two nights whole thing. That's awesome to check it out. The general dot com slash remix mix or bobby bones dot com. We're going to number two missing dot com details. It's time for the good news. You switch amy so there's a church in richmond virginia and they wanted to make sure that kids had new shoes to wear for the school year. It's called the new shoes for back to school ministry and they were able to give away two thousand shoes this year when they first started this twelve years ago oh they donated about seven hundred shoes and she's been going up since then and over the years they've given away more than eighty two thousand shoes eighty two pair journals like so i mean i'm sure when they started this. They never thought they'd be looking back. I mean soon. They're gonna be at one hundred thousand shoes and that's a big deal offer kids to go back to school with a new pair yeah pretty awesome. That's awesome. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good on the bobby bones show now kelsey. We'll see ballerini morning. Hey everybody kelsey valerie a big day. For how about this big day new songs out how you feel like christmas. I'm breaking out. I'm so excited. I wonder an artist as yourself when the song comes out but at midnight midnight midnight. Are you on twitter looking to see if people are going to say about immediately. I'm refreshing my page till this phone. Call absolutely yeah yeah yeah. I mean you know i i wrote the song in february but finally out like if i've been living with it for so long and like you know made the video and all that stuff upset finally get it out like i just i just wanna know people. I get so what's up with the question mark by the way chelsea ballerinas on the song is called homecoming queen. That's how i say it. Tell me queens homecoming queen. It was last minute decision to do that. <hes> because the full songs like hook of the song is even the homecoming queen christ but that's not the question the whole the whole rest of the song is just asking <hes> this person like you know if they're okay and wider covering up or not and to me you know i wrote this nicole galleon. Jimmy robbins and the galleon was the homecoming queen. I was very far from queens. <hes> we both the different perspectives on it but in internet he's kind of being a metaphor for you know the people that we feel like kind of have it all together seemingly on on the outside and no one really all the time and i think that especially in today's world especially with social media we kind of just show the highlight reel of our lives and <hes> and i just kinda wanted to like strip it back for a minute and and for me personally just be like you know what sometimes it's okay to not be okay and it's okay to be human in have those raw real moments <hes> no matter what your life looks like and i think that's why so excited about it because i've never been anything like this before. Kelsey ballerini arena on the phone with us new song is out today which you ride the thing in february when you this is one of the songs that you wrote and you go oh this is for sure gonna make the record and for sure be the single or is it. Did it gonna wanna pile when you guys were like okay. What do we think now this was. This was for sure the first single it was crazy. We've never released their certain times that i write and we're like okay. That's definitely a a single but i don't think we've ever had this is the first single on the next record before so <hes> yeah we we wrote it and working on that weekend. My mom came on that weekend and every time we played it for someone. We got like a single tier house like cats. We're gonna play any we plan all morning. We'll played in a second. I got a couple of other things when asked about <hes> euro in your role with ed sheeran jillian michaels ryan ted right him with all these massive popstars and are any. I know you haven't hit acidini thing about this or any of them on the record. If our rations <hes> no i i do as of now i mean. I'm still working on the record. It's not done yet. I think on nine songs done <hes> now. I do have to collaborations but it's not with people that i wrote with which is kind of kind of funny 'cause i got to write with <hes> yeah yeah like the insurance of the world but <hes> no they're not. They're not on it as collaborators just writers when you were on last time you gave us the word home right was give us one word in the song and she said holmes john's right and it was fantastic the best that would've been so mysterious that would have been now can do it again. One of your give us a letter in. I wanna you're collaborators name just one letter oh my god..

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