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Office says the threat assessment team should consist of some highly trained school professionals the team that can be identified at the school level of teachers administrators school resource officers the next step is the threat assessment team analyzing any information on a potential school threat pulled together this group of people and conduct a threat assessment and implement a crisis prevention system when perhaps a student of concern or a group of students of concern or identified at that particular school allowed says deadly events at schools could have been prevented if people knew what to look for mark carlson ktar news you know patients with dementia can add a whole new challenge for first responders and emergency situations when you're working with the person with dementia if you work too fast it's going to integrator confusion anxiety frustration and agitation jan dorothy with banners alzheimer's institutes has several groups have training firefighters on how to recognize him respond to people with dementia yesterday the ten p fire department became the first in the state to train all of its first responders in dementia awareness ktar is on the economy phoenix continues to be a hot spot for new jobs thirty nine company announcements that totaled about nine thousand one hundred fifty five job just in the first half of two thousand eighteen jessica moron with research firm cbre tells ktar a good chuck of those new jobs coming here are high paying doctors that were the most active where manufacturing software and technology thinking finance and insurance and says we're on pace to eclipse last year's numbers seventysix announcements totaling seventeen thousand five.

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