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Here is Jacob Wilkins. Hey, Larry news out of the front. Office says P Rick shorty and the team mutually agreed to part ways. Maturity was the special assistant to the GM? He had been a member of the front office for the past eight years, new GM Brodie van wagon coming in and his staff continuing to take shape baseball. Hot stove news, the athletic reporting, the Yankees among James that have spoken to the Mariners about left-handed pitcher. James Paxton Paxton would be under club control for another two years. Jets injury news, Josh mccown, of course, starting Sunday against the Bill. Sam darnold gal full to be the backup with that foot. Spring practice today, nor did why not rowdy Anderson and center Spencer long also listed as doubtful quarterback. Tremaine Johnson though is expected to come back after he missed the last five games with aquatic jury as is white out when she nude watt for the bills Josh Allen officially questionable to return from an elbow injury. That's kept him out the past three games, if the rookie can't go. It would be either Nathan Peterman and Matt Barkley getting. Not talk about a wild story saints signing former Cowboys wide Dez Bryant earlier this week is he had sat out this year up to this point. And then according to NFL network the saints fear that Bryant suffered a torn achilles. Tendon in practice today. That's facing the nuggets in Denver tonight coverage on the fan beginning at eight forty five. Now that's applying it back to back after they are in for tonight. They'll be taking on the warriors in Oakland tomorrow night. And Steph curry will not be playing in that game due to a hip injury. He suffered last night college football number thirteen. Syracuse should all be against Louisville. College hoops, St. Johns tries to go to facing bowling green at carnesecca Rutgers with their opener hosting Fairleigh Dickinson, Rangers go for their fifth straight win facing the Red Wings in Detroit. Devils play the Maple Leafs in Toronto sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock. Jacob wilkins. Tencent win sports is the season. And if you've got any questions, I mean, anything to ask about how to make a Turkey. What size Turkey what to do with the Turkey. Turkey day is over Butterball bringing its thirty eight year old Turkey hotline to Amazon devices for hands free support ready for this. They say one of the biggest questions on the Turkey talk line involves how thaw out the bird? They are calls about people. Defrosting the Turkey in the bathtub with their kids in the dishwasher, the swimming pool, and jacuzzi which might explain why the Turkey tastes like it was just dragged across the mezzanine lobby at the Hilton wrapped in a wet towel wins. News time four seventeen. Now, the.

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