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A computer system scans the brain for tiny structural changes that indicate the early stages of the disease the program has a success rate of nearly ninety percent jenny how with the georgia chapter of the alzheimer's association early detection three d i think is important that we can get people are medications as they become available to help prevent future progression of the she says more than five million americans are currently living with alzheimer's sabrina cupit foresees bs news atlanta apples says there is a problem of the new apple watch which was just rolled out last week as latest version as bilden cellular connection so it does need to be link to your phone the company and mrs a glitch the causes l t e cannot connectivity to drop out when it connects to an open wifi network like an an airport jim chenevey cbs news partly cloudy for tonight it'll be of warren he and muggy naive with a low of seventy one degrees tomorrow sunshine in a few clouds hot and humid with highs near ninety four tomorrow night clear skies and remaining quite muggy with a low of seventy two in for friday mostly sunny skies the he in the the humidity will continue with a high friday of ninety one degrees i'm accuweather meteorologist danielle knittle police used michel sabbah social justice studies required core site 34 the psychology of prejudice and discrimination not how to build a better bridge not how to build a better a better tunnel that how to build a better airplane but the psychology of prejudice and discrimination this is so racist it's unbelievable can you will majid if missed the boeing had been forced to take this cutter.

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