Dave Gilboa, Wharton School, Andy Hunter discussed on The New Yorker Radio Hour


Dave Gilboa both arrived on the campus of the Wharton school at the university of Pennsylvania they were there to start business school and they met each other and to other students Andy hunter and Jeff raider and for them would go on to co found Warby Parker but in two thousand eight at that time they didn't know that yet but they did now is something that they all had in common was they were really frustrated with how my glasses worked and it stemmed from this thing that well most people probably experienced at some point they kept losing their glasses and Dave in fact right before the start of business school had accidentally left his glasses on airplanes and it cost me seven hundred dollars and I just couldn't justify as a full time student paying that much for a new pair of glasses yeah the new iPhone three G. had come out that wait in line at the apple store pays two hundred dollars for instead all these magical things and meanwhile the technology behind a pair of glasses is a hundred years old and it just didn't make sense in and what you're like okay I've got this this amazing iPhone this magical portal to all human knowledge and it cost me two hundred Bucks and get these eye glasses made of plastic are like super expensive yes it yeah I was complaining to anyone that would listen about my glasses were so expensive and then and he kept losing his classes and he was buying everything online but can figure out what you can buy new classes online in Winona's effectively sunglasses on my right because I mean this like two thousand eight and I mean by that point wasn't like you know like selling things online was just brand new idea yeah and so we kind of started this conversation where we were kind of frustrated by different pieces of the eyewear industry and we knew that Neil had spent a number.

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