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Ninety nine one and i just have a handful of questions for you jeff because i can't believe what i heard last night stu gods was supposed to go to falls oh he looked he doesn't show shame very often his body language is gone i feel betrayed i mean i had this had go out here we bought them lunch and jeff got you a private plane go to falls and you bail in the winter okay and so you ask for private plane and jeff got you bleep in private plane and you still were maximums to god's now keep in mind this poverty can be downloaded now please reward his behavior deviant it's immoral it's borderline criminal jeff go ahead and have at him like you got the floor and just pound him because we were going to have to sue falls he kept asking for stuff you kept producing stuff including a private plane but he can produce nice weather well here's here's the deal guys like some of us strive in this world to become lawyers doctors and another gas bags like myself in the great state of south dakota we strive to be stu gods and in fact when i found out about this man down to miami i just felt like this is what my life is going to be twenty five years from now so when we got the chance to hook up with you guys in the chance to maybe create what would be one of the most memorable experiences in stu gods live we came up with stugatz day and i thought it was going to be easy right we're going to bring this guy up he gets to go through the layup line like romo did with the dallas mavs except it'll be with the miami heat g. league affiliate sioux falls sky forest and so we set all this up you know the mayor at the time was going to give him the key to the city and we're gonna have a day that's proclaimed stu gods day you know the city of sioux falls got behind businesses behind it and then he started coming up with these cockamamie ideas of what he needed to have go along with it and because i'm a sucker i decided that i would go along with all of these things and so the major health provider up there sanford hell said you know what we'll send a private jet all the way down to miami brings to god's up he can bring whoever he wants to and then he started asking for more like talent fee so you know what i did when out and got money for the guy and i tried to give him money and he did not want the money he wanted to sit back and come up with skews is about how he has lacrosse practice with his daughters or something like that and then ultimately i kept coming up with more things like you know what fine we'll put up at the nicest hotel we'll make sure that you get play in a pro am with john daly john daly doesn't play golf that much anymore john daly gleason kid me i don't think he specified john daly i don't think i don't think that was that was properly articulated to just shut up in fact get out of here like golf watch jeff keep going tell us more secrets about this fraud let's get out of here well here's the here's the deal like in addition to all of this even though he has turned us down twenty seventeen in twenty eighteen we're a bunch of suckers up there through falls that we love the free publicity you guys give us on e._s._p._n. ninety nine one sioux falls sports.

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