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Away to take the punishment on himself. And if you look at the Old Testament which is two thirds of the Bible the Hebrew scriptures. It's really the story story of how God works through the Nation of Israel to bring forth. Messiah that's what it's all about so you got creation however far back that was you got out of me. If you've got Noah hello you've got the fall of Adam and eve and then you've got the second fall with regard to the NFL team and you can read all about that in our that's controversial. But there's a passage judge in genesis six versus one to four and right after Genesis six verses one to four. God says we need to destroy this place because these people are evil so now and after Noah you've got a period where you've got the Patriarchs you've got the tower Babylon as I mentioned earlier where God confused the languages and he assigns different elohim. These are not gods they. They're not God capital G. They're small all g their spiritual beans any assigns the Divine Council he is assigned to Divine Council other nations and he decides to work exclusively possibly through Israel to bring forth a messiah. Who's going to be able to save everybody? And bless all nations and so right after you have the Tower of Babel in in genesis eleven in Genesis. Twelve Abraham appears and. He's the patriarch through him. Everybody else is going to be blessed. And then you've got Abraham you've got Isaac you've got Jacob. The whole story of genesis deals with those three main characters from genesis. Twelve on Abraham Isaac Jacob up into Joseph and then you have the slavery in Egypt and ultimately timidly the exodus which begins in fourteen forty six BC now in January. We're going to have tightest Kennedy and archaeologist and Stephen Meyer. We're who is very good at archaeology as well. You know. We've had him on the program for issues related to Intelligent design. But he's also into archaeology. See Those Two gentlemen from the Discovery Institute are going to tell us about new evidence at we'll get into that there's also been an inscription found found that Dr Kennedy himself went to the Sudan to verify. Apparently there's been an inscription found of Y'all way all the way back to fourteen hundred BC which would be the X.'s. It is time in in Sudan. which at that time was probably southern in southern Egypt? I should say anyway. We're going to get into all that later. So you've got the exodus we got characters like Erin. I mean Moses Aaron and Pharaoh you have the forty year wandering I believe they wandered more on a Saudi peninsula in the Sinai Peninsula. I believe the real Mount Sinai as Jabal laws in in Saudi Arabia and by the way Saudi Arabia has just opened up to tourism to that area and we may go in the coming years to Saudi Arabia to see the real Mount Sinai. Stay tuned for that this coming year. We're going to Israel and so from fourteen O six. Which is the conquest where Joshua takes over Jericho which is is just across the Jordan River into the promised land into Canaan which later turned to be Israel? You've got characters Joshua Caleb Rahab and after the conquest there's really from about thirteen seventy five all the way to about ten fifty. You've got three hundred twenty five years. The judges you got characters. Like Gideon Samson Ruth. You've heard these names from the Old Testament these are judges. There's no king there's tribal there's tribes and their governors. I'm governor easy for me to say governing themselves in a tribal way and it's where everyone did what was right in their own is. That's how the book of Judges Judges Ends Until they get king in ten fifty. BC They get a King Saul Saul rules for awhile as you know. David succeeds him and then Solomon elements succeeds. David that lasts until nine thirty one. So what is that one hundred one thousand nine years the Kingdom of Israel from ten fifty BC the two nine thirty one in nine thirty one. There's a split you've got. Israel is the northern kingdom. Judah is the southern kingdom. You've got prophets like Jona. Jose Isaiah they're dealing with the northern kingdom predominantly. You've got other profits dealing with the southern Kingdom mm-hmm people like Daniel Ezekiel Jeremiah. The northern kingdom is destroyed by this Syrians overrun by the Assyrians and seven twenty due to the southern Kingdom Judah less all the way to five eighty six when Nebuchadnezzar and the Persians. Come down the Babylonians come down. And they They take out the city in a five eighty six BC and then you have the exile and they spend seventy years in an exile in Babylon until about five sixteen BC. Then they return they rebuild the walls of the city they rebuild the temple. That's where the Second Temple period begins. And you've got Ezra Nehemiah and esther are some of the key figures in that area right and then about four hundred BC there's a period of silence and that lasts all the way to win. Jesus comes on the scene probably seaborn in about four BC. Okay so I'm giving you the overview of the Bible and the the Messiah comes comes through the bloodline of these major characters in the Old Testament. Particularly if you go to the genealogies geology. Luke traces Christ all the way back to Adam and I think matthew goes all the way back to Abraham and so the bloodline line through which God brings the Messiah to save. The whole world is the Jewish nation and these characters that you read about in the Old Testament demint and it's not until you get to Jesus and the resurrection. Do we learn what our overall mission is so you see. That's the 'em in crime you have creation you have rebellion. You have intervention. Where Jesus comes he takes takes? He takes the sin of the world on himself and then he and then he raises from the dead rises from the dead to prove God and by trusting in him. We can have our sins forgiven. And from that point on the Great Commission is given and we have a mission to tell the whole world about this because we're heading to e attorney that's where we're heddon and there's GonNa be a split. The problem of evil is ultimately going to be solved in this way after Jesus takes evil upon himself. He gives us the opportunity to continue to be with. Jesus which would be to go to heaven and be with him ultimately and be part of his kingdom which will be a recreated heaven and earth by the way we're going to be physical creatures ultimately or we can be separated from him in a place called. Hell that's where eternity entity is heading. Now there's a lot of details that I'm leaving out and we'll get into some of them as we go on here. But that's the overview of the Bible you have creation creation then you have a rebellion and then most of the Bible is talking about the I the intervention you get the mission with the Great Commission Commission in Matthew Twenty eight and then the the books of the Bible after that what are called the epistles deal predominantly with the mission. Shen how do we take. What Christ has told us to do and make disciples of all nations? That's what the epistles are about. And of course course. The book of revelation predominantly is about. What's going to happen ultimately as we get into eternity? That's what the whole Bible Bliss about. Now let's unpack this a little bit further. Jesus is raised from the dead in Luke. Chapter Twenty Four. Here's what happens. He's resurrected he's walking along the road to a May US and the people who you are walking with him. Don't recognize Jesus they basically say something like are you the only one he said. Why are you so dejected? The only ones that don't know what's happened. Ironically Jesus uses was the only one who didn't know what happened and then Jesus says this how foolish you are and how slow of heart to believe all that. The prophets efforts have spoken did not the Christ to suffer these things and then enter his glory and beginning with Moses and all the prophets he explained to them what was said in all the scriptures concerning himself. Wouldn't you have loved her. That wouldn't you of love to hear Jesus explain how the entire Old Testament in a in a microwave pointed to Jesus not every detail but in a macro way that all the scriptures concerning concerning himself that in all the scriptures he explained to them what was said in all the scriptures concerning himself. I would love to have heard that what we can go back. Can we can see what Jesus was talking about when we come back from the break. We're GONNA unpack that a little bit further because the entire scripture the entire the Bible is about resolving this crime that was committed in the beginning and that crime serves as our acronym creation rebellion info intervention mission and eternity. Now if you want to learn more about this kind of thing as I've said before we have these great online courses that were teaching now and you can actually interact with us. Live via zoom video in these premium courses. You just gotTa go to cross examined or click on online courses. We have a new one with.

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