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On here. Take a seat. Now what seems to be the problem so tired I haven't been able to sleep for weeks. It happens at night. They come at night. Someone something something evil. I can feel it in my room lurking in the shadows hunting me. I can hear it whispering could I do drugs? I come to with a fight and feel it feel it rained down pressing on my chest something sitting on my chest, even though there's nothing there as long as a buzzing the hissing. All I could do is lay there motionless helpless. I'm wide awake, but I can't move a single muscle. I can't turn off finger nothing like a prisoner in my own body. I'm not crazy dog. I swear I'm not. Sometimes I can't believe it myself. I've never believed in aliens or demons or any of that other nonsense, but I'm starting to think that that's the only answer. I'm starting to believe I'm cursed it keeps happening. And it's terrifying. You have no idea there there. It's all right. Well, I assure you are not losing your mind nor you cursed you're being visited by aliens. I know you think I'm crazy. You don't know how bad it is. You don't understand. I'm too scared to sleep the coffee stopped working buying caffeine pills now and taking them in bulk. I have to take antacids with the counter the holes they're burning in my stomach, but it's better than sleeping. It's better than spending every night in a waking nightmare. Oh, I do believe you. There's a simple explanation for all of this. I can help you. But first let's get you calmed down a bit. It's obvious. You're not really educated State. What's that? I hate needles nothing to be afraid of this is simply going to help you relax a little bit. Then we can work out all these troubles you're having. There we go. It's better deep breaths. Will feel better in just a few minutes. You have nothing to fear will set you straight. See looks like you're feeling more tranquil already. Yes. I am. Thank you. It's it's helping. Yes, of course it is. Now what you're suffering from is a classic case of sleep paralysis. You see sleep paralysis is a state in which you are awake but unable to move or speak. Hallucinations intense fear of feeling of someone sitting on your chest hearing voices or Whispering very common during episodes of sleep paralysis. I guarantee no aliens are visiting you at night. There's any aliens out there. They're not bothering to come to this Backwater planet. But you're not the first come to this conclusion interestingly enough sleep paralysis is theorized to play a role in the creation of stories of alien abduction and other paranormal events. And you're definitely not alone with this Affliction between 8 and fifty percent of people experience at least one episode of sleep paralysis at some point in their life. There really isn't any treatment options for though it's mainly recommended. We just reassure patients that the condition is common in generally not that serious. Reassuring doesn't work. The next step is to work on improving sleep hygiene do cognitive behavioral therapy or prescribe antidepressants. But we're not going to have to bother with any of those things with you though. Are we pretty impressive how quickly it kicks in isn't it off? You really can't move. Can you? You can still blink. They'll go ahead and blink for me. Oh, yes, very good all locked in. Oh, that's a lot of blinking. You haven't heard of locked-in syndrome. It's fascinating stuff locked-in syndrome as a condition in which a patient is aware, but cannot move or communicate do to complete paralysis of nearly dead all voluntary muscles in the body except for blinking you are conscious insufficiently intact cognitively to be able to communicate with eye movements, but that's all you can do. A lot like that sleep paralysis. Am I right? Behind my look at that terrified look in your eye. Isn't that precious? You see a number of things can cause locked-in syndrome poisoning traumatic brain injury medication overdose Strokes diseases of the circulatory system why there is even a case of a woman who checked into the ER and ended up with locked-in syndrome caused by excessive use of cocaine wage find with a cute trombosis riveting case. Actually. She ended up completely Frozen and could only communicate by movements with her eyes. But you haven't been doing any cocaine now. Have you? You know, you really should ask more questions before you let someone inject you with unknown substances. Even if I am wearing a lab coat, that doesn't make me automatically trustworthy. Oh, well, listen learn to the fact that there was no receptionist and you and I are alone in this building should have been a tip-off know. Well, it seems like that vecuronium bromide really did the trick and that right Mr. Blinker bulb. It's one of my favorites. It's used as part of general anesthesia to provide skeletal muscular relaxation during surgery or mechanical ventilation affects your greatest at about 4 minutes and last for up to an hour and by my calculation you're at Peak Effectiveness right about now. Oh, don't worry. You'll be getting another dose before this one wears off. I'm thinking you're really starting to panic aren't you? Lots of thoughts racing through your head about what I'm going to do to you while you lay there helpless science my good man. I'm like I said, you've come to the right place paralysis happens to be my specialty and it is very kind of you to volunteer participate in my extensive.

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