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This call while officers were looking for, William w p troopers say a Seattle police officer crashed through the pick up on I five soon after a good Samaritan spotted William and pioneer square after reading Seattle PD's emergency bulletin on Twitter so I asked the guy's name citizen was William. And that was the guy's name in So I asked him to come over to, me and I asked if you needed help with anything or what he was looking for and he said he was the first mother lines up exactly with what that tweet. Had said so I put together and I was, like hey come over here with me I'll get you a glass of water. The officer we here is going to be okay after he flipped his police, cruiser on. I five after he made a turn that a collision with that pickup truck an update on that spinning boat that had us glued to the social media feeds yesterday one point twenty two thousand people were watching komo's Facebook livestream is this boat was doing donuts in, the water near Morton, Normandy park komo's Joel Moreno is more s. nineteen year old says. He had just guest up here at the dock and was running his boat back home when the steering seized up and he found. Himself flog into the water with that boat still racing around Finn Fosberg leftist boat not far. From Normandy park while he made the long, swim, to shore steering locked up Take a hard right turn lists Lou. Off Fosberg says a throttle was still open in the Boston whaler was just moving too fast to safely try to climb back aboard phosphoric says he had a swim, just under an hour and did his best not to panic in the chilly water is. Kind of went known after like fifteen minutes well. Fosberg wasn't hurt buddy says he wasn't wearing a lifejacket there was one on, board and. The coast guard says it's best to wear them to be safe especially in these kinds of sudden emergency coastguard was soon on the scene after about two hours and most of the fuel gone they were able to board the spinning boat in bring it to shore, KOMO news time ten, oh four let's get a check of AAA traffic with John Nelson Who still some construction northbound I five the exit to. Highway seventy in. Tacoma that's got the left lane. Closed is. Going to last through the night also in the area. Watch out for the long waits at the. Edmundsbury DACA two hours stalled. Vehicle on the shoulder in the Algana area one six seven northbound just south of first avenue north are next KOMO traffic at ten fourteen and now the forecast here's. Lisa, van Cise we. Are launching into your weekend with cooler. And cloudier conditions in fact even a slight chance of some Saturday showers out along the coast high, temperatures only in the sixties and, as for Sunday a better chance of rain this makes a comeback for some of us today. And tomorrow we start to dry out for the beginning of your work with temperatures back in, the seventies. And eighties in the KOMO weather center I'm meteorologist Lisa Fifty five and cloudy in Everett down in Tacoma fifty four and cloudy fifty six clouds here..

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