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Name is Jeremy Stall Necker the executive director of the foundation nation and looking forward to a great show today with the great guest and as we get started. I'll remind you as I always do and I'm sure you're always paying attention but I wanNA remind you again if you have not yet subscribed to our youtube channel. Please do that. Some of you are listening on a podcast. Or maybe you're listening our partner station at Mojo five. Oh so if you're listening to their take some time later on to jump over to youtube you can look us up the mighty oaks show and we'd love to have you subscribe. Hit the notification bell. They'll let you know a new shows. New episodes come online and then share out the content and that helps us. I think they'd help others as well. It's our goal every time we do this show and every time we put content out there to provide resources and helps to you and to those that you care about and trust that this will be a useful help and resource as you go through life looking forward to our time together today today. Our special guest is Jason Guys and Jason is coming to US remotely today. Jason Served Twenty one years in the United States states army and telling him. We're an equal opportunity nonprofit so even those who served in the army have place at my coach. Were they for that Jason is involved in a bunch of stuff related to veterans and the just the veteran world and serving others but also and this is how we connected through the mighty Oaks Foundation serves as a team leader for mighty oaks. And it's very involved in the work that we do so Jason Glad to have you thanks for making taking time No you took some time out of some training to To Join US and looking forward to our conversation really appreciate you having me on Yes Sir why. Don't we start at the beginning. Talk about talk about kind of where you were raised and how you were raised. I'm always interested in what leads young people into military service. So let's start there and then talk a little bit about your time in the army and then we'll talk about transitioning out. But where did you were you raised. Where'd you come from What was it that caused you to say? I should serve the United States army so I had a great upbringing in southern Indiana. A little town called Seymour. More very small population out of Indianapolis North of Louisville Kentucky primarily farming corn type community and I just had a had a great upbringing. My parents were together through all of my childhood and just very blessed and went to college. I in probably wasn't really ready to go to college. Everyone else was doing it so I did it and about between my sophomore and junior year I realized that it just wasn't a thing for me and I said what are my other opportunities and one of those was military service. I went and checked it out nope and actually took the asthma ham and Actually enlisted told my parents after the fact. Yeah we're quite assures quite a while how to my parents But you know they were a little concerned. Obviously I do all college and so it's like oh now you're going to take on being in the military and and It was absolutely the very best decision. One of the best decisions. I made my life where What did you do in the army for twenty in years so I did a lot of things? But we're star I did so First Duty Station was Fort Polk Louisiana. And you know the army's he's got all those great great hot spots in the United States spot for sure. Oh without a doubt I was I was a medic in the army and serve most of my time nine and light infantry airborne units eighty.

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