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This is the legal disclaimer where I tell you that the views thoughts and opinions shared in this podcast belong so late to our guesthouse and not necessarily Brady or Brady's affiliates. Please note, this podcast contains discussions of violence that some people may find disturbing. It's okay. We find it disturbing too. Hey everybody, and welcome back to another episode of red, blue, and Brady. I'm JJ, one of your hosts, kind of flying solo today, but also kind of not because I am joined by not one not two, but three amazing guests. Starting off, we've got Steve huff, a first help, an organization devoted to honoring the service of first responders who have died of suicide. I also have doctor Steve olbricht, an expert on workplace and school violence prevention safety and security. And then Dennis Harris cofounder of T lock, a smart gunlock company. What all of these gentlemen have in common, despite their work now currently touching on gun violence prevention is that they are all now retired law enforcement officers. And they're here today to talk about not just their areas of expertise, but a really disturbing statistic that has directly impacted their peer group, right? Which is the fact that we lose more police officers here in the U.S. every year to suicide than we do to death in the line of duty.

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