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The playing field this plan is for the middle class families in this country who deserve a break it is for the families or other live in paycheck to paycheck who just keep getting squeezed the corporate tax rate would be cut most taxes would be lowered and there are limits though to a deduction popular with homeowners democrats say this tax plan favors the rich sam clovis the former trump campaign official linked to a russia investigation by special counsel robert muller has withdrawn his nomination as the agriculture department's chief scientist this is ap radio news the sports illustrated cupboard jinx may be over sports illustrated boldly predicted the astros would win the 2017 world series one one of its covers in 2014 it featured a picture of george springer at a bright astros jersey last night the astros did win the world series in spranger was named series mvp the si covers log been considered bad luck but now the magazine is taking a victory lap on twitter sending out an updated gif of the 2014 cover showing springer's uniform morphine from the throwback rainbow version to the orange version they warren game seven the tweet simply says called it i'm mike kemp in houston mayor silvester turner says the city needed they're doing hurricane harvey roughly that say fifty one inches of rain fell on houston and the surrounding region and last night in the seventh game of the worst series they ended up winning five to one the astros victory parade in houston his tomorrow ed donahue api radio news.

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