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But can we come out with the book of high coups which his eccentric. I wouldn't imagine Valentino Rossi doing until Mark has coming out coming out with the poetry books. Poetry books, especially definitely cats. I imagine he's not as amount of poetry. Kikoko's laughing in the background of that one, but then looking to the rest of the day, two more races for you guys to enjoy. So what things do you are expressing is one of the guesses about join us as well. So she own them in inches second as well. But looking to the rest of the day, then weather condition starts getting warmer. How is I going to fit your hiding? Definitely as the truck warm. You get a lot more Griffin, the circuit, and you should see lap-times tumble, definitely in the days long as the the rain stays away, then they should be. It should prove some good race in Alexa. Max cook can come from the back of the grid of not being out yesterday and and maybe catch alvian. Callum Wybrow. Saying goodbye. So with you, Harvey looking for another good result? Yeah, I'm trying to get a good result because yesterday that wasn't the best after a couple of crashes in the race and gave away samba. It was, I'm hoping for a good result today to hopefully get the championship of Jabe is quite a big gap. Well, that's going to be a China's retain yourself and Jamie king voicing for the championship in the pepper force. Caskey thank you to some clouds onto Harvey. Clarence joining us, hey, in the Bronx. Else. Thanks very much if anyone else wants to come and join us in the box, pleased to head over to just by race control. We go quietly developing at the moment from. We got well seems like half of the paddock coming up, so they comedy boats to come and join us. So if you guys wanna come on John-Paul name, this is probably one of the most things are done in my core eccentric things in my time. If I just want to turquoise ones on the second Sullivan, just put them on that way around and then. Gator scrubber, and we've got one more champion. Say, only get another..

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