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MR ran out loud, presented by outback steakhouse. A rain out in Michigan edition. I'm Woody came Tyler Vernet joining me on the program from rip the fence, Joey Meyer on special assignments, we've got a big show for you today. We're going to be talking with Jeff struggle from Michigan as they get set to race on Monday at five eastern time. Greg biffin's gonna join us a little bit later on after his dramatic win at Texas in the trucks and find out is he going to run an Iowa. Is he going to run in gateway is he going to be eligible for the big money if he does a lot of questions to be answered their unique with the situation, we have here, forty nine years of age, Greg, biff wins, he won when I was nine in the truck series, the last time and that was in two thousand and one oh my God that tells you anything how what he tells you, you're very young. That's what it tells you. So we got a big show coming up for you today, a lot of unknowns as we head into Michigan. A lot of the guys came in one that jumped out at me was Alex. Moment in particular saying he thinks it's going to be a lot like Kansas and that may have been one of the best races. We've seen this year so far. Other guys are saying, we don't know what we're gonna see speeds were down on the straightaways. But way up in the turns. Yeah, it's interesting. And I personally in one of those guys who am okay with the five o'clock push here because I like soccer first off and also the NBA finals will come right after. So it's a big day of sports, if you wanna look at it that way. And plus we get to watch them racing on a Monday. It's always fun. Yes. We do. Absolutely. We do. It's going to be a big day for Michigan. We've got a whole lot coming forward on this edition of em. Are in out loud..

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