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We look at the the last big protests was in two thousand fourteen called the the umbrella umbrella protests or the occupy movement and that was that was hong kong or the practices wanting to gain some additional rights. They wanted to be able to vote for that chief executive that was all about democracy and not on that failed. What's different about this these protests as you mentioned. This is about the extradition. Little this is hong. Kong is defending what they've already got. They want to defend the rights and the freedoms they already have in hong kong rather than gaining extra rights. They just wanted to defend the status. Quo now that is that is <hes> abroad broaden a far broader cross-section of hong kong <hes> behind these these protests and it does touch every single aspect of society so <hes> ten weeks zidan <hes> i i still see we still see a very very strong support across the society and the protests came to an end after after seventy-nine days as after about eleven weeks <hes> and by that point that was that was very much a a lot of protests fatigue. <hes> people keen for it to come to a conclusion. Don't see that now. There's still a lot of support you know across hong kong even though these protests are starting to disrupt daily life where is that difference and where whereas that appetite it's like come from the ticket picks continued protests well. I think it's this this idea that <hes> you know people have got used to <hes> the the freedoms freedoms that they that they've had for the last <hes> twenty years and they don't want to be any worse off. <hes> the the idea of whether hong kong needs democracy or not does does split society but actually everybody agrees that the life that we we enjoy in hong kong is something that's worth fighting for and i guess the the <hes> the it seems to be this. The do-or-die never attitude in hong kong the if people don't take a stand right now that might be the last chance they get because the impression that won't get from outside is that for the first time hongkongers have been prepared to stand up directly to beijing and say we don't trust the people in charge of us. Is that right well. They have been very. I guess they've had to be very clever so far in in not taking on beijing directly they've they've been targeting the the hong kong government initially but as you said it's more became more and more clear that obviously the object of of of their attention is beijing aging <hes> you know they. They attacked liaison office. They've been kind of vandalizing the the chinese state emblem being throwing the the chinese flag into <hes> <hes> into the harbor and so you know we we all know that the real power behind the scenes is in beijing and it all depends on what beijing wants to do <hes> so it always was going to have to get to this point <hes> and i guess <hes> everybody's prepared for this to go on for for quite a long time and an evanston to talk now about october first now over the first is the anniversary of the founding of the people's republic china and this year..

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