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Well, now it's time to talk to Sean means he is with the Salt Lake Tribune. Hey, does culture writing and reporting for the Tribune movie reviewing is another thing that Sean does and you can find everything of Mr Means collected at movie cricket dot net. Um and you can read his stuff. It s l tripped calm. Good morning, mr means. Good morning, everybody. Sean, have you been to a movie theater since the pandemic starter? As a matter of fact, I was at a movie theater yesterday. Oh, well, yeah, they had They had the press screening for mortal combat. And they actually had it in a theater in Avery in a very large theater, and we were all space Well apart, but yes, on Warner Brothers is one of others is going back to Doing those kind of screenings. They're not going to be sending us streaming links anymore. Oh, okay. Was it Was it nice to be back? Itwas It was very fun. It was good to see friends. I'm fully vaccinated now. So I could like, you know, say hi to people without having to be so distant and everything. Most many of the critic, many Democratic friends are fully back. So it's like old home week. Didn't movie critics get vaccine before anybody else? I thought one thing on the front of the priority list from liberal Hollywood. You know, your way were promised that by liberal Hollywood Wow. Okay, wait. Let's Part with the art sees Yes, Before we get the Mortal Kombat. We've got one Artie we can talk about. It's called together together. This actually wasn't Sundance this year, which, of course, we saw streaming on video, a non viral or virtual video. This one stars Ed Helms and these sort of perfect Ed Helms characters and nerdy rich guy. He wants to be a father. Since he's not dating anybody. He decides he's going to hire a young woman to be pregnant with his child. What they call it just a just a shingle surrogate. Okay, That's where that's where Anna comes in. She's played by Patty Harrison and she's a barista. She's 26. She needs the money to get the college degree that she missed out on. Amuse early. This is a really funny movies with smart movie All I love how it sort of digs into the way relationships are transactional, one way or another. Uh, Ed Helms at house is really good here. Hattie Harrison gives a breakout performance. So I was not familiar with Patty Harrison. She has been in like search party and shrill. You know, one of those people that apparently just hangs out with other funny people on it, and it turns out it's because she's really funny, too. And here she is really fun, and she's really touching and and, yeah, zoo standout sort of breakthrough performance for her s 0 3.5 stars for together together and that's that's playing. It's a megaplex theaters around him. Don't get in half for together together, All right, so mortal Combo Act. Yeah, You're supposed to say it like that. I think you're supposed to say, And they even comment about how well how it's misspelled with a K. I don't know if they decide to throw that in for memory. So 1st 1st off, Okay, We have to agree on one thing here, Which is that the game? Mortal Kombat is a really silly game. You know, it's it's a bunch of one on one martial arts by two people who don't remember Mortal Kombat because it's you know, it's always the most of the players that this well. It is a bunch of one on one martial arts fights, and it's always It's always about the finishing those right. It's like blasting a hole somebody or ripped ripping out their spine. Taking, pulling their heart out and having a beating all that kind of money. So putting a mythology and a backstory toe all that Is What this movie is about. And you realize very quickly. Why are you bothering there's You know, there's a reason you wanna pull his spine out. There's a reason why, because I don't know him. Yeah. But you've got all you got all the stuff about the earth. Rome fighting and fighting in the tournament against other worlds and Outworld, which is the evil world if they be Earth one more time than they will enslave Earth forever. Well, that sounds compelling. Yeah, well, it's OK for and get to the fighting, huh? First, you have to say, we know First we have to show one of the main bad guys sub zero. Mm hmm. Uh, 03 Sorry. My alarm went off in the middle of the, uh, subject. He freezes his enemies and any kid in the intro. You see him killing this. Japanese warrior named Han So and this this becomes important later before we get to that, though we have to get to the main hero who's not the character not in the game Call Young is an M. M a fighter. And he's aired to the Mortal Kombat legacy, which means sub zero and the other bad guys have to kill him before he can fulfill his destiny on there's all this talk about the prophecy, and you know, before I get to the fighting, get on, and eventually they do get to the fighting and Everybody has a special skill that they have to develop. And then then they fight the bad guys. And the fight scenes are pretty cool. Once they go on the guy that directed this new guy named Simon McCoy. He's he's a He's a TV commercial guy and video game guy, and so he gets the visual style, right? And more importantly, he doesn't This is not like the 95 version where it was. PG 13. This is rated R. Blood gushing and spurting everywhere. It's like watching kill Bill. And you know, it s so It's just like the game. The game fans will love that the problem as a sort of just here, is it? Yes, The game is really silly, and the movie isn't silly enough. Mm. It really should It really should. It really should lean into the skin here. You know, if it doesn't it should really show how ridiculous this always and it doesn't quite do that. Um, when when it doesn't take itself seriously. It can be a lot of fun. So sorry was split decision here. I gave her 2.5 stars. Who's you? Who's Who's in this movie? Anybody know not very many people and not very many people I recognize the most recognizable guy I recognized was the cat Brooks Plays jacks along with Robot arms, and the cat. Brooks is Jimmy Olsen on Supergirl. That's That's the most recommended that I I saw. There's something there's another guy who's like a former power ranger, like the movie Power Ranger. And, you know, a couple a couple major Japanese start. You know, Chinese or Japanese on Dwan of each, actually, uh, stars, But if you know, like, you know, fancy art house movies, you'd recognize them, but Not a lot of not a lot of like big names, so we should approach this like we did with Godzilla versus con, which is just fast forward through all of the talking and just get right to the fighting. Right. And and this is going to be on HBO. Max as well as in theaters. Okay, being in the theater yesterday, I forgot. Oh, yeah. I can't pause it when I need to use the bathroom, so I'll actually miss admitted here and there. But it's relax. Yeah, you can. You can skim through the boring stuff and get straight to the finish him part exactly. All right, That's exactly what I'm gonna do. The stars. Did you give it 2.5 to just 2.5 to nap? All right, 2.5 for mortal combat and 3.5 4 together together, Sean quickly before we go. Uh, two cult directors died recently. The guy who directed the stunt Man and the guy Monte Hellman, the guy who directed two lane blacktop. Are you familiar with either of those movies and I know that I know the stuntman pretty well..

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