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Set themselves while the zoo paid real estate taxes, Utilities and repairs prepare used tickets to the Blue Jackets and Ohio State Sports, which was supposed to be used to entertain clients of the zoo for family members, all on the zoo's dime. ABC Sixes Tom Bosco reporting there The Lucas County coroner today. Releasing the findings in the death of Bowling Green State University Students Stone folds Delaware County native died last month today. The Lucas County Coroner's autopsy report says that false died from accidental alcohol poisoning during a hazing incident. So far, no one has been charged out of his death. But the investigation continues. Yesterday the university met with Pi Kappa Alpha. Fraternity declined to move forward with the hearing following multiple school violations, including hazing, providing alcohol and endangering students. And today a woman has been given a suspended sentence for her role in the death of another woman who was struck and killed by a falling log it hawking Hill State Park in 2019 44 year old Victoria Schaefer was taking photos when she was struck by that log that was pushed off a cliff by two teenage boys. Now 20 year old Miranda Spencer pled guilty to obstructing official business and was handed a nut suspended 90 Day jail sentence, and O'Donnell is announcing the start of the summer construction season and one major project will happen along 71 near the gym and I Parkway interchange where a $6 Million project will widen this south bound lanes. Meanwhile, April is also distracted. Driving awareness Month. I'm Alison Wiant. Our next news update in 30 minutes and breaking news at once. News radio 6 10 W T V en America has a new choice for 24 7 news. The Black Information Network is telling our stories from our perspective, all news and all that matters to our community. Listen to the Black information.

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