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Police by ripping up their departments or cutting their budgets the latest now from ABC news efforts at reforming police in the wake of George towards killing are underway in various places in buffalo New York the city is replacing the crowd control duties of the emergency response team with the public protection unit mayor Byron brown says police will also stop making arrests for low level nonviolent offenses critical first step in a shared journey that we must all undertake to help make buffalo more just inclusive and equitable for black people who call this city home in Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo is ending contract talks with the police union as he implements what he says will be transformational reforms this is about the substance of things within that contract evolve around our critical incident protocols are used to force the grievance process arbitration Oklahoma authorities investigating the arrest of two black teenagers by white police in Tulsa for Jay walking in a neighborhood with patchy sidewalks or no visible foot past Richard Cantu ABC news demonstrator S. across Massachusetts are also calling for the defunding of police departments WBZ's Karen regal spoke with homeland security expert Terry Downes on what that means and what he thinks can happen homeland security consultant and attorney Terry Downes as every civilized society has a system of policing we know there's problems we know they have to be addressed that doesn't mean the system is in need of significant reforms as downs he questions why an officer with so many complaints against him like the now former officer Minneapolis now accused of murder in the killing of George Floyd was still on the job have efforts to protect police officers from around town did complaints gone too far down the points to what happened in Camden New Jersey as an example of how was city change policing disbanding its department to fight corruption and creating a county law enforcement system Karen regal WBZ Boston news radio pope Francis showing his support for peaceful anti racism protests saying it's an important cause for all Catholics in a recent message the pope denounces the sand of racism and twice identifies George Floyd as the victim of a tragic killing a policy change for soccer players here in the United States US soccer's board of directors has voted to repeal the policy that banned players from kneeling during the national anthem the policy was adopted in twenty seventeen in response to Megan Rapinoe kneeling in support of NFL player Colin Capra Nick the board repealed the policy during a conference call Wednesday the decision came after more than two weeks of nationwide protests following the death of George Floyd after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knees into Floyd's neck hi my cross CO seven eighteen and a little bit.

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