President Trump, White House, Bernie Suri discussed on Imus in the Morning


He lashed out of bed yesterday the president did this was his last tweet as a matter in fact about fake news and it was over a golf magazine story that quoted him calling the white house say quote real dump openended i flew said the day says he did and he says i love the white house one of the most beautiful buildings in parentheses homes i have ever seen but fake news says i called it a dump totally on true less tweet so there you go it'll said former our guys out on of course but it's of dump bernie suri said even worse than effing dump probably no but you know if you don't have an on tape prove i said it it's a dumb and i man cancel your plans the state department is banning travel by us citizens to north korea as of the first of september so americans in the country being told to leave before they travel to grand canyon go see that at all all right the freedom tonga ever go and five well does facebook ceo mark zuckerberg have political ambitions he and his wife of hired a democratic pollster named angel bennett said it worked for hillary clinton apparently gonna be a consultant for their philanthropic organisation a job for her life boy name.

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