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And the first thing they said to me was. Where's Robbins Pants? Had Me be robin so you don't get the wear pants as the tight and else booties? But I've always liked Robin I mean. Of course I like Batman but I've always thought Robbins. This is a psychic and Dick Grayson as character so I will say just real quick before we talk more. We're not going to do a commentary track for Batman Movie. Which is the Batman? Sixty six because we just. We didn't have the time to work it out. We were going to record. This is our first bad. Episode is actually our second and just quickly. We discuss a little bit last time. But what is your history with Batman? Sixty six Brian as our other guest. You go first so I think we talked about this last time but you know. We don't have any time where I didn't know Batman I mean I remember seeing Superman the movie when I was four years old so I think around this time is when I was introduced also to that many nine and Adam West Batman and I think I think what I love most about Batman. Sixty six has it we call it is just. There was a different villain every episode so whereas Batman the joker the greatest villain of all time Batman Sixty six to so many other things introduced me to Mr. Free is definitely one of my all time favorite villains the ridler before we got Jim. Carey Burgess Meredith Penguin Vincent crisis. Egghead I guess like where Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson's Batman and joker. Gimme all dark stuff that I kinda like. That was a little bit cool as I got older. And that's definitely the Batman. I prefer now Batman Sixty six and a child like you know your son Solos as when when.

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