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Plan Gery Open school this month with in person learning June during the Corona virus pandemic has changed course. The superintendent of District 200 Wheaton area has just posted a message on the district's website. Students in sixth grade through high school will begin the year with remote learning. Younger students will reportedly have the opportunity to start with in person learning, but schedules are being modified to follow new guidelines. Classes in community unit District 200 will now begin September 1st, and that's a one week delay. Mental health experts saying increased signs of depression, anxiety and stress out independent Corona virus pandemic has presented a number of challenges and uncertainties that are now taking a toll on mental health child here housing, food and security lock. It's a job lack of connection. Alexa James, CEO of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Chicago, says That's why mental health is more important now than ever. That wasn't on the forefront of people's minds. So now we're asking people to really dig in and start to heal and cope during a time when they already feel distressed, James says. People need to pay attention to signs of stress and know there are options for help. Maybe it's a short term medication for a while, just to get you over the hump. Maybe it's making sure that your building where exercise and healthy food into your diet maybe it's lessening your alcohol intake and finding a clinician sometimes all of the above, but we know that people heal with connection. Rachel Pearson NewsRadio one or 5.9 FM, you $300. Federally enhanced weekly unemployment benefits will be available for the jobless in the next few weeks. John Bell, Edwards says the Louisiana Workforce Commission is working to make sure it's distribution system is ready for the change. From the former $600 payments funded directly by Congress. It's our hope in my expectation that we will be able to make the computer fixes before the funding is available so that individuals are not having to wait longer than absolutely necessary. Edwards says. Those payments will be made retroactive toe August 1st Tom Peruvian for CBS News, New Orleans by 50 to market news in a minute. With a new iPhone SD for.

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