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Does your car thrill you because it should. That's what nissan has believed for over eight decades. And that's what the new nissan is. All about with the fresh lineup of vehicles. Nissan is determined to make driving exciting again from the ruggedly. Redesigned pathfinder and the next generation frontier both coming later this year to the fiercely reimagined rogue the uncompromising central and the colorful kicks. If your car doesn't thrill you there's a nissan. It will put the thrill back. In the driver's seat and explore the nissan lineup at nissan. Usa dot com. I'm dani shapiro host of the hit. Podcast family secrets. Join me for an all new season of incredible stories. That show what happens when long held secrets come to light and how even the most painful discoveries have the power to liberate. He'll and even uplift us listening. Subscribe on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts with ryan seacrest davidson as a well known love of hip hop but for his next project. he'll be playing one of the most legendary punk rockers of all time. Joey ramone pete. We'll play the iconic ramones front man in the upcoming netflix. Movie i slept with joy. Ramon the title itself is a bit cheeky. because it's actually based on a memoir of the same name. Britain buys brother. Mickey leigh a musician and his own. Right who shared a bedroom with his older sibling. Growing up p chairs more than a passing resemblance to the equally tall and lanky. Joey so the casting was a natural fit filming expected to kick off later this year. That's direct from hollywood then fit. That's a fact. I've been critical purchases. Give me cash back purchase. Give me cash fat. No one gets these rewards. As to.

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