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Just not. It's not compatible with you. Yeah what's whenever you talk about. It seems so common sense. I don't have a lot of reactor In this in this realm of this is like the limit. Essentially you ran your own elimination diet right. You like found out for you and women diets. Are this complex things. I was really motivated. Because i had a lot going on And a proper elimination diet takes about eighteen months to do and you go through these really complex algorithms where you don't even think from this category for four days and this and that it's just much so what you do yeah is in. My first book called the bulk of diet for two weeks. You're only foods in the green neighborhood and most people feel incredibly amazing on this. Like wow. I can't believe how as much energy i don't dark. Mazza bloated in my muffin. Top went away. This is awesome right at the end of two weeks like have pizza beer and cheesecake and wake up the next morning. And now you've proven to yourself that something is messing with you and it's not a built in moral failing or a weakness. It's actually something that you're doing and then that's where you get into the suspect food neighborhood. Which of these is guilty. If i'm not the right way again for a little while. So i feel really good and then i'm going to eat some stuff and see what happens but the cool thing is switched to fast this way the new book if you fast for sixteen or eighteen hours you're taking in no food toxins. Nothing you're allergic to and you're generally going to feel pretty good at the end of the fast and then you eat and after you eat you like man. I just completely got knocked over within. You know it was something in that meal and then you do it again the next day and if you wake up profoundly angry it was totally. We add for dinner. That's what caused it. You should wake up and back. i don't want to eat for awhile. And the cool thing about doing an intermittent fast for a major sixteen hours without food. That would have seemed crazy to me. But if you think about it have dinner. Saved finished dinner at five. Thirty six o'clock to make math year if four hours before bedtime you've got about ten. Don't have snacks after dinner. Then you sleep for eight hours. You've already gone twelve hours of food right. If you can do four more hours you wake up at six. Am you wait till ten am. Eat something you've just sixteen hour fast. But it's not that big of a deal but if you wake up like i'm so hungry have hunger cravings. You seriously just smacked herself in the face with your dinner and it may be because you ate the fried stuff at the restaurant with the bad inflammatory oils. That cause more inflammation than smoking a cigarette. That's what french fries do. The average restaurant I don't think should smoke either. But a cigarette caused information for eight hours and french fries for forty eight hours. They're both not good for you. And maybe you had you know the charred meat when you eat blackened meet that black and stuff changes your gut bacteria and it causes a wave of inflammation. You should've had it cooks differently. So i teach all of this stuff in my books. And even i have a a one year class artesia. All of my book is called the upgrade collective where i've got hundreds of people sort of going through and learning all this stuff right. Teach my books because it's such important knowledge and get it dialed. Then you realize there's a universe of food out there and most of it you can eat during a famine and you won't die and that's the function of being able to eat all that stuff but if you learn for your own biology this works really well and it doesn't work suddenly you carve that universe out and say when i have control of my food which is pretty much all the time especially if you very comfortable with fasting go. There's nothing us. This restaurant give team veggies or a salad. Or whatever. Because i don't either us this up because it's not what's right for me if you go to chili's i promise you. There is nothing there other than white iceberg lettuce. That is safe to eat nothing. It's all made with bad fats and stuff. You don't want so but you're just comfortable saying i'm going to be played in have a or i'm just comfortable having some water and i'm totally happy right without a sense of of starvation or denial or deprivation or anything like that and when you can do it without pain and without willpower. That's because you're biology works. The difference between a craving and hunger is something i never under- stood a craving as i really want that if i don't eat soon i'm going to kill someone and eat them. That's one side of it then. Hunger is i. It'd be nice. Eat in the next couple of hours. But if i don't i'll be a hungers gentle cravings are profound. I never felt hungry in my life until i learned about intermittent fasting in the whole bulletproof diet because there. It's a very different feeling and for me to say it'd be nice. Have lunch today. But i just had a meeting pop up so i'll just have dinner today but there is no. Oh my god. I'm so afraid of being hungry. All that's gone. It's just it's not there and it's not about starving yourself. It's not about leaning into new feeling gnawing intense hunger. That's what i don't think fasting is. That's a spiritual fast when you want to spend a weekend or like i did four days in a cave. Meditating journaling and resting. Well we're talking about here is a working fast your fasting for higher performance a better brain a better metabolism and it feels good to do it. And that's why there's fasting hacks things that you can do during the fast that make you. Don't suffer because being a high-performance state investing is very different than being in a spiritual state investing and we get those two mixed up now. I i've got one practical question. Is you know if as the increase of kind of gut health has come to the surface you know partially due to your work and lots of you know this has been a burgeoning field of study a lot there have been a lot of sensitivity tests out there now like food sensitivity dennis. Do i just love your thoughts on that because it seems like people are like. Oh i feel bad. Let me pay x. Amount of dollars to go do this test online. It'll tell me what i shouldn't eat. What what are your thoughts about. Here's the best one of those. This is a company. I've worked with sense of bay soon after they were there were started. And i'm an advisor and investor to a bunch of biohacking companies. The comes called vile. If you go to the i o m e slash dave asprey They'll give you like an extra discount. And they look at the genetic expression of your gut bacteria to see what they're actually making and not doing and then they come up with suggested list of foods that are compatible with you. It's been very very accurate For the way that works and the way they came up with that is they use the same technology that governments in two billion dollars creating to rapidly assess biowarfare like the that anthrax or powdered sugar in the envelope. So there's all this government research like what if we turn that around looked at our gut bacteria he would send their. They've added ten thousand new species to the database of bacteria that live in our guts. We didn't even know about but that one really really works well to see what foods are compatible with you. And that's probably the first goto place i think about. You can also do food allergy pennells and the leader for that is cyrus. Why are e x. One word of caution about cyrus though. There are likely to tell you. You're allergic to coffee if you're allergic to wheat because they're using instant coffee as their region. Coffee has a lot of mold in it. And there's a crossover between mold and gluten. So i don't believe there coffee results for most people. Coffee is a crop commonly moldy. I'm curious dave like what i mean. You're you're oh god..

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