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People graduated nineteen seventy seven from st paul parochial scott from eighth grade got so to all the different parochial school so i just have to give a shout out because i'm not good at facebook forensics her i'm not good at facebook period i cannot find a lot of people are not on facebook of that a lot of people are not so bear with me because today in i'm just going to mention names and if anyone knows where these people are please send us a note though we've got private detective private detective airways i'm looking for tammy gillette piggy mcfarland ellen roseberry linda gergen mary joe should pull tomorrow i'll add to the list at her name is what shook who mary joe shipu kit wit gradin our annual she's she was great i haven't seen these people and so long so i'm just those are the names if anyone knows that operate in then they might know people and we can continue i did find someone today yeah know exxon one percent get one person ended a fewer class president or israel involved you are expected to be like a facebook forensic larry arnn on facebook or or on on instagram or they've got a different way the third name is it's horrible annual it's very hard i spent a lot of time on it and got i got one person at least on that so that was good so anyway if anyone did you know that class nineteen 77 graduating class there's something happening you can semyonov i'll let you know all about okay i have just surprising delight you with this new so julian i are go to this big las vegas music festival in september i'm away and they just announced the line of marine omega you are you will go he just put in every case regressive letter tickets uh here's who is going to be there okay emily cyrus get to hear her saying malibu all i'm so excited harry style as it will play like they play like greece usoc's let's per we saw my lee sarah's with billy joya idle last him over there who billy joel no billy idol adult yep youth the denver but our she just saying that one wrong with him right i'm so excited i.

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