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To help you find these offsite locations I. And even when you do find them to kind of like program into jeep as you're usually using like the longitude and. Latitude, is that yeah, long today. You should leave that mistaken there. I didn't know what was actually called John but this will be easy if you could just click on the icon and say I'm looking for red. I'm looking for off grid location. This is where I wanna be and maybe a list comes up and that'd be awesome I. think that's awesome. Yeah. I think it's really cool that they added these off off the grid areas and then I think they've also like partnered with a lot of the camp ground what are they called the chain? Campgrounds like Koa and knows in have all those programmed in as well. I think they have a lot of preloaded content in this is going to be very helpful to our fears for sure according to Don Schmidt. He's a senior product manager for automotive garment. He said that it's going to have tens of thousands of RV parks and campgrounds nationwide. Wow. So Again. Know just makes it easy to have that information program right in there and you're like, Oh, I'm going to Tulsa Oklahoma let me see what comes up and then you just pick pick the one. That's great. I think that makes things easy and it will make things easier while traveling from like Queen Eight appoint behavior doing like a three four day. Trip and maybe you don't have every stop planned out and you're just like well, let's pullover in this area. See what's in the area and it comes up with a list right in your your garment that's got your height weight length all set in there. You know that you're going to be able to get there I think it's pretty cool. I think. I think it's just a way to make our and traveling just a little bit easier. And they're also going to have the national parks in there too I think. So Oh, that's good. I didn't know that that's great. It should be good for our being I know we use an APP that's on our iphone for navigation. It was originally designed for truck drivers within they made a different version for our viewers a I'm always looking at new navigation stuff and I like the eight inch touchscreen it's. When you get older the biggest disagreement better. Yeah unfortunately I I can my eyesight is just not what it.

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