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I think it comes down to josh island and sampdoria don't uh in reality now there are some talk that they could go a different position at number one and then you know seve which quarterback is left at four but look if if you're the picking number one overall that you get your choice of of quarterbacks and i will say this though out while this is a very the quarterback class we mentioned low let and we mentioned you mentioned tanner lee from the braskin luke falcons some of these other guys are gonna go later the draft i think the overall top of the draft group and i like them all but i do think there touch overhyped and overrated but in in ebit beliefs by the time we get to the end of april i i would think that we're going to have four quarterbacks go off the board and the top ten topical epa dick's baker mitchell's group i think so and and weather there weather i think they're overhyped or its inflated it doesn't matter because the truth of it is these that the the quarterbacks and the prospects you have to choose from and if you don't take one up there than the likelihood of really find it one third or fourth round that you can develop it'd be those those picks are few and far between as well in terms of success stories uh that that come out of that part of the draft at that position so there's a lot of pressure in terms of these teams that are trying to figure out their quarterback situation but for my bonnie i think that josh alan ah ah as we're sitting here two months out i think he's the oddson choice going into the columbine in in based on what we know right now now is sam dog on a blow everyone away with his intangibles and those things he might but you know he says he has some flaws as well i mean a con a turnover turnovers year offensive line wasn't that great at usc so he was under duress and you know.

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