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Ten eighty KRLD At three. Forty eight coming into downtown Dallas southbound I thirty five he right where the tollway. Merges in just past, Oaklawn before what. I'll Rogers there's a stalled car in the right lane, traffic is stop and go from Inwood. Also in north Dallas southbound seventy five. The exit to walnut hill. Is blocked with an accident and it, is blocked again earlier on you could get around it right now neither lane is getting through, so if you want to anticipate this, you need to take the. Exit to Royal instead and ride. The service wrote plus in garland big problems because of construction eastbound six thirty five at garland road the right lane blocked by roadwork it's slow from seventy five big, delay in waxahachie on the southbound side of thirty five e had construction set up in the right lane at business to eighty seven four while looks like they're moving further to the south now down around FM sixty six but, still slow traffic remains back to around highway two eighty seven in Tarrant county Lots of, volume delays at this hour. Southbound thirty, five w. is gummed up. Between alliance airport down past golden. Triangle and finally breaks through right around north Tarrant Parkway where you start adding the express lanes in that area also some slowing northbound and southbound east loop eight twenty, in the trinity river area right between trinity boulevard and Randall mill I'm John little your next report coming up at three fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen.

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