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Cam Newton when he was when cousin Benjamin was there, like he was telling gets ball, tell them to Calvin mental like he wasn't not thrown back guys way that you know Trump the Cal. The Benjamin was Kelvin. Benjamin have injuries about luck on there too, but it's got to be something else because if it was just Kelvin, Benjamin said l. can't do couldn't throw the ball to me. That's not the reaction you have on the field when Cam Newton comes over and says, hey, dude, what's that all about? If it's got to be something else, deeper that we don't know. You know, there's a a accept many really. Modern, there's a major disk around here somewhere that we just don't know. Maybe camp got him exiled, but, hey, maybe deflate gates. Earth. A campaign was the cover measurement decision was done by Joe up, actually the person in charge that trait. 'cause he made that call together in a Kelvin Benjamin last year. What I was told by. I mean, I mean, they. they all of all. He wanted to change direction. He wanted and new philosophy and the after getting rid of the previous general manager and told them, he decided to part ways Calvin Benjamin now maybe there's a Camden part of that, but it was made that call. So lastly, we could have deflate gate to football taken out of play last night between the Steelers and the eagles. It's been sent back to Wilson. Please? I'm ready for deflate gate. Deflate gate was fun. I mean, come on if we have another deflate gate, that'd be fun. The fight gain is the single dumbest controversy in history. All right, but then every controversy needs to be, you know, top of the line elite, we need some dumb ones once in a while this like. Just it was so dumb. That was, I mean, everything about it was dumb. I mean, including, you know, tomes reaction tracks and. Everything was just it was over rot with like. I just don't wanna do this. I just. So mine lovingly, stupid. I mean. You know, they've been the people been deflate and inflate over playing footballs for ninety five years in the history of the NFL, whatever the out of the NFL has been around right ninety eight years or whatever it is. And this was, I mean. It's like, and here's all of them. Of of it as you were warned that this was going on and instead of saying, hey, why would solve it by making of rafts? Don't you. He also the recipe measured up that the rest of the ones who take them out onto the field and he did that. This never would've happened member and it would have been solved. Right? Because nobody would know able to scroll with the ball if they even did. Right. But you decided that you say, trap them instead of just six. The problem like. I want to beat my head against the wall. I'm sorry. He can follow me on Twitter at Jason. Cole sixty two that's at Jacksonville, sixty two. Oh, no, no. Well, we did the whole Andrew luck thing. We did that instead of the music because we, you know, we had to bring it on your life. There we go. That's a long. And everybody singing along right now checkout Jason Coles, latest Lichi report dot com where he has been accused of inflating his word totals over the course of the last few years. Again, Jay's always the best NFL insider. Appreciate his time with us. Look deflate like, obviously, this is something in the late breaking news we're getting as far as deflate gate to is what I said is that the NFL sent that football back to Wilson to say, hey, I, your son is a NS. A bad football here is not Ben Rothlisberger. Deflating balls don't auto. It's your fault. Wilson. We're sending you back to Ohio, so they are trying to do this, but I made deflate gate to you because people's heads would explode. Jason Cole. I mean, we the, the guy would he'd have no head because his head. Head head against a wall, and we didn't even get to make the obligatory jets joke at the end of that, no, there was no obligatory jets. We should have had a good. All right. We should have. But then again, you know, look, it's always easy to make jokes. Always it always Twitter at how about a Fresca Mike at swollen dome. Jason, Mike Harmon in for rich Eisen today on the rich Eisen.

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