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So Janna let's start the top there by picking the right card. What should we be looking at? I have to credit card in my wallet. One gives me exhilarated earnings on gas and groceries and the other has accelerated earnings on dining out or restaurants. So always knowing with card gives you the best earnings rewards is the one that you should pack when you when you go shopping or you're out at a restaurant, and that sometimes is a little bit of trial and error, right? Sometimes you'll have a car, and you realize it's not working for you. And might be time to maybe look at some of those offers getting the. Male. Definitely. And the other thing is there are some cards not many, but some that have rotating categories by quarter. So for example, maybe in the spring or summer, you can earn a lot more if you shop at Home Depot, you're doing some kind of home repair home improvement. So knowing those categories is really smart and making sure that you register for that extra earnings every quarter. And you also write that the more we swipe the more rewards. We should be getting right? Well, obviously, the more you spend on the your car the more rewards are gonna get back, but some credit card companies actually reward you more. If you do say twenty transactions a month or a billing cycle, so you might get an extra twenty percents. So that's a really good way to get a little bit more back from your everyday spending. We also should be on the lookout for bonus offers from our credit cards..

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