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It has nothing to do with his decision making, but sometimes fun things work out like that. Apparently former Oklahoma Titan in Austin stagner had a big hand in making this happen. He was transferring he is transferring to South Carolina. And his him and his parents were like, hey, you should talk to Spencer. Spencer, I think might want to come here if he knew if you talked to him, but Shane beamer went talk to him and make it happen. And here we are, Spencer Rattler is now going to South Carolina, which is going to be fun and I just got to say like, I'm excited to see this. It'll be really cool to watch and play at the SEC and I would like to see South Carolina continue to build their program. I really think I'd be fun and exciting and I'm excited I spent a rattler play there. Okay, I haven't acknowledged it yet, so let's do it now. Alabama quarterback Bryce young won the Heisman Trophy. He through for 4322 yards, 43 touchdowns, four interceptions. He also ran for three touchdowns. Alabama's team is 12 and one. They are in the college football playoff. To win the heist and trophy, he beat out these other top candidates he beat up Michigan DN 8 and Hutchinson, Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett and Ohio State quarterback CJ Stroud. I don't know if much more to say than that. When I was watching George ever, Alabama in the SEC title game watching Bryce young shred that Georgia defense having the best performance anyone's had against Georgia all year. I was like, yeah, it's pretty clear he's gonna win the Heisman Trophy. Not a surprise, but hey, great job well done to Bryce young good for him. Here's a crazy story that I think is a lot of people are saying it's going to change recruiting forever. I don't know that that is true. But I would like that to happen. It'd be very cool if it did. And I think here it is. Travis hunter, a 5 star recruit and the number one recruit in the country, a cornerback. He flipped his recruitment from Florida state to Jackson state. An FCS HBCU school. And it's very cool. It's probably, I think best for him too. So a lot of people are saying this is gonna change recruiting forever. He chose an SCS school that's ever happened before an HBCU school. Oh my gosh. And Jackson state is a very unique situation that is not going to be very easy to duplicate by other small colleges. Their head coach is Deion Sanders, which means that the best corner in the country Travis hunter. He's the number one recruit and a lot of places ESPN on the cast and actually at number two. I don't really carries. He's amazing. He's the best player ever to go to a school like this. He's going to get coached by arguably the best corner of all time, Deion Sanders. Sorry, I love eastern Washington. I spent a lot of time there in college. They're not going to get Jerry Rice to be their head coach to recruit a lot of top wide receivers. So it's not really duplicatable, duplicatable. Is that the word? Whatever it is, I go to Jackson state. I don't even have a degree..

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