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Today. A record quarter for vacation rentals. I'm Jeff Clayton. Now to read a Kessler and the traffic center. Well, if you're on the beltway watch for the delay that we had on the inner loop of the beltway approaching the George Washington Parkway, this is a work crew in the right lane. A lot of our earlier work zones on the bellway have cleared except we do have the delay on the inner loop from 50 to 66. That is the work that is usually there along the right side. The eastbound 66 is heavy between nutley and the beltway. This is going to be the work in the left lane, southbound 95 after the beltway was a report of tire debris in the roadway. Route one near fort hut road is a report of a crash, also one 23 near work house road that was malfunctioning traffic lights, northbound Sterling boulevard near east Holly avenue, the right lane is blocked with a broken down vehicle. Now we're starting to see some delays along Braddock road headed toward one 23, so watch out for anything going on there. Possibly some crash activity in that area. Southbound George Washington Parkway, near the Roosevelt bridge, the left lane is blocked with the work. Well, if you're in Maryland, we did have the earlier mobile work crew on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. It looks like they've moved on. I don't see any delays in the Parkway, whether inside or outside of the beltway. But southbound D.C. two 95 is slow from benning passing east capital street, northbound slows passing Pennsylvania avenue. Ashley's beat the heat event is going on now, rose and rows of beautiful Ashley furniture at the hottest savings. Take an extra 10% off your purchase, plus no interest financing for 36 months. I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic. And our forecast now from Lauren ricketts. It's a gorgeous day today with blue skies, temperatures in the low 90s with a little less humidity. Although it's so hot, you may not even notice the humidity is backed off a little bit

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