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And here is the risk that you're taking with each of these individual 41 case. How can we together lower your overall fees and help? Get you that smart risk taking the least amount of risk possible to accomplish your goal. And it all starts by give us a call. 866597 10 48 66. 597 10 40. You will sit down with micro myself personally, and we will put together your own complementary portfolio extract. And don't forget that is a complementary. Portfolio X Ray with Mike Canete and Ryan Herbert Pro Status Financial Advisors Group and here on the savvy investor, radio and savvy investor podcast. Make sure to take advantage of that today. This weekend here on the savvy investor radio and coming up, we're going to talk about financial freedom. The fourth of July is not the only holiday we celebrate this month. We also celebrate Bobby Bania Day. Remember him from the Mets while he collects a nice paycheck every year, even though he's not with the Mets anymore. How can you get on that deal? We're going to talk about it next right here on the savvy investor, radio and savvy investor podcast. Stay with us. I can't If you're concerned how taxes will impact you now and in retirement, it's important to work with qualified professionals who understand the big picture and can work on all areas of your finances from investments to taxes to estate planning. Mike Canete and Ryan Herbert at Pro Status Financial Advisors group can do it all in the most tax efficient manner legally possible. If you're serious and saved $500,000 or more for retirement call for a complete retirement plan. 866597 10 40. That's 866597 10 40 on your computer at pro status. Financial dot com. This is the savvy investor radio with Mike Canete of Pro Status Financial Advisors Group. As a financial planner. My job is to figure out the best tools in the best solutions for my clients. Mike is a financial planner and estate planning attorney with a master's degree in taxation and three time.

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