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You take it easy for French live yeah I was about forty five it's portable it might W. W. E. where but he comma he graduated you there on the L. B. I know I've got a pretty good at the Broadway is dark new night all there are birds joining us at the bottom of the hour let's get a look at traffic spots about ExtraHop networks ExtraHop is the cyber security company that modern enterprise businesses rely on to secure the cloud ExtraHop threat detection and response is ninety five percent faster demo the product and check out customer stories at ExtraHop dot com still have a bad accident for Lafayette from the Chilton auto body traffic desk CHP issued a traffic advisory with this one only the two left lanes are passable he's twenty four is jammed up from just after Camino Pablo all the way out to after Oak Hill where like I said there is a flipped over car in there's a new accident in the middle lanes eastbound four before San Marco traffic is backed up at two forty two AM to getting worse and got word in the last hour so that toll takers are told to go home starting midnight tonight so you will not have to pay a cash toll at any of the seven bay area bridges but Chad bay area fast track will photograph your license plate you'll get a bill in the mail right now there's no delay getting to the bay bridge he came on KNBR one oh four five nine six eight Brian Murphy here for me cheese east coast pizzeria and when you order for delivery wouldn't you rather have the food delivered faster for less money and by the people who actually made it I mean she's has been making and delivering your favorite east coast style pizzas pastas and flame roasted chicken wings for over thirty years order enemy cheese dot com or use their mobile app and get your order in less time and for less money than using the mega delivery.

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