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NPR podcasts are now. Available on every platform checkout. All our shows at NPR dot org slash podcasts. That's NPR dot org slash podcasts. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm deal Willman. It's day. Thirteen of the partial government shutdown. Lawmakers remain at odds over how to end the impasse. Even after key members of congress met with President Trump at the White House on Wednesday leaders from both parties went to the White House for a briefing on border security afterward. The only thing they seem to agree on was. There was no progress made on ending the shutdown. Democrats are moving ahead with the vote in the house on legislation that would fund the government, but the White House opposes the plan. That's NPR's Asia. Roscoe the leaders. Meanwhile are expected to meet again on Friday for further discussions. The us ambassador to Russia has visited Paul Whalen. He's the American who's been detained in Moscow since last Friday Wieland is an accused of espionage NPR's. Shell Kellerman reports, according to the State Department ambassador, Jon Huntsman went to the La Porta detention facility to offer assistance to Paul wheelin. The ambassador then spoke by phone with Huilan's family secretary of state, Mike Pompeo says he's trying to learn more about the charges from they're further detention is not appropriate. We will demand. His immediate return. Paul Whelan's brothers says he was in Moscow for a wedding and denies. He's a spy wheel and served in Iraq with the marines receiving a bad conduct discharge in two thousand eight he currently oversees security at an auto parts company in Michigan. Michelle Kellerman, NPR news. The State Department South Korea's spy agency is told lawmakers there that North Korea's acting ambassador to Italy has gone into hiding with his wife. The announcement followed unconfirmed reports that the diplomat had sought asylum from an unidentified western country. The last senior diplomat from North Korea to defect was the deputy ambassador in London in two thousand sixteen. The Senate has confirmed President Trump's nominee to head the US census bureau. NPR's Hansie lo long reports that Stephen Dilling ham is set to take over the agency with a little more than a year before the twenty twenty census begins Stephen dealing Hans nomination was approved by unanimous voice vote in the Senate on Wednesday. The census bureau has not had a permanent director for more than a year. Now Dillingham is expected to lead the agency through the end of twenty twenty one he will oversee the final preparations for the twenty twenty senses. Nets expected to be the first US headcount to be conducted online, which brings cyber security risks doing hand will also inherit seven lawsuits over a controversial new citizenship. Question added by the Trump administration during his confirmation hearing Billingham said he would not voice an opinion on the issue. And that he's looking to the courts to decide whether the census bureau moves forward with a question on zeal along NPR news New York on Wednesday apple cut its quarterly forecast. Chief executive Tim cook says slowing iphone sales in China are to blame for the drop. It's a rare move for the Cup. And shares of apple stock tumbled in after hours trading. The revenue drop is one indication of how the economic slowdown in China may be more severe than analysts had thoughts. You're listening to NPR news. A new state report shows that medical marijuana use steadily rising in Florida, even though the state has been slow to roll out its legalisation effort voters there approved a constitutional amendment more than two years ago. Avocado with Don with member station. W J C T in Jacksonville reports in the first nine months of twenty eighteen one hundred thirty six thousand Florida patients received marijuana certificates from their doctors northeast, Florida. Republican state Senator rob Bradley, a chief architect of the state's medical pot laws says the current administration has been slow to allow doctors to prescribe pot. And fortunately, we have a law in place that that provides for more licenses to be issued as more patients come online. We just need the executive branch to issue. Those licenses Florida also limits the number of grower distributors that allows to operate which has led to legal challenges from rejected nurseries. It's one of thirty three states that have legalized some form of medical marijuana. Wanna for NPR news? I'm required done in Jacksonville police in Denmark, say two more bodies have been found in the wreckage from Wednesday's train crash that raises the death toll to eight and Denmark's deadliest railway accident in thirty years. More than a dozen other people were injured authorities are investigating whether falling cargo from another train heading in the opposite direction caused the high speed passenger train to crash in a major milestone for its space program. China has landed a space probe on the far side of the moon. The Cianci four lunar probe made a soft landing and then transmitted a close range image from the surface. I'm Dale Willman. NPR news in Washington.

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