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Is KQED public radio good morning I'm Bob Heisinger coming up on weekend edition we're gonna learn about an opioid of will as drug description drug is used to treat opioid addiction it's often stolen in now pharmacies are going to they're refusing to carry it so here about that story after a look inside the jail where Jeffrey obscene committed suicide that is all coming up on weekend edition a little bit later on this morning hearing you have three chances to hear the California report as usual nine minutes before six nine minutes before seven and nine minutes before nine here's more about that coming up on the California report homelessness is one of the biggest challenges facing California but can it really be solved well democratic congresswoman Maxine waters thing so if we spent over thirteen billion dollars to do it and we've got to spend the money that is necessary in this country to get people off the street we've got to set our priorities straight Maxine waters shares are planned to be homelessness and other news from around the Golden State Saul Gonzalez that's next on the California report more clear skies and then working temperatures really miles into the sixties for the most part in kind of breezy and then later on today sunny some upper seventies low eighties around the bay and some triple digits inland ninety five expected front high in napa today ninety nine in Livermore seventy seven in San Francisco this is morning edition from NPR news I'm Rachel Martin in Washington DC and I'm David green in Culver city California NPR has been investigating the conditions that prisoners and guards face at the jail where Jeffrey Epstein died the place is called the metropolitan correctional center to detention facility in Manhattan this is where esteem is being held on charges of sex trafficking before he was found dead in his cell on Saturday the part of justice is now demanding an investigation Attorney General William Barr spoke yesterday I was appalled and indeed the whole department rise and frankly angry to learn of the M. C. C.'s failure to adequately secure this prisoner we are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility all right I want to bring in international security correspondent Greg Myre his been looking into this facility had their grades Hey David serious irregularities the Attorney General says talk to me about what sort of reputation this place has so this is a place you hear about when they have one of their high profile figures it's held there before and then during a trial that some of the big names would include the mafia boss John Gotti the financial fraud stir Bernie made off of the drug lord Joaquin el Chapo goose mine and now Jeffrey Epstein being the latest presumably security would be very tight at this place give us some of the things that bring ABS absolutely and it's it's twelve story building in lower Manhattan it's right next to the federal courthouse so they can move defendants back and forth between the courthouse is also the New York City police headquarters there so real center for law enforcement the police the courts the jail and I spoke with some of the people who work there right let's listen you're reporting here Catherine line a weaver was the warden at the metropolitan correctional center or MCC back in twenty thirteen and twenty fourteen throughout my credits Wharton there we had a significant number of high profile terrorist thank you so silent bin laden's son in law in several others come through well those cases grabbed the headlines they are the exception most of the nearly eight hundred suspects in the federal detention center can't meet bail or too poor to afford an attorney David Patten is the executive director of federal defenders of New York which represents those who need a lawyer you are here in the media the MCC is the place where the house is the worst of the worst but the vast majority of people there are accused of non violent drug immigration offenses patents is office represents several hundred of the men and women held there at any given time the location next to a federal courthouse makes it convenient for lawyers to meet clients in to move defendants back and forth during trial but space is always tight the only outdoor recreation is on the roof under heavy fencing often times our clients have come to us from Ryker's island nearby Ryker's island is in New York City jail notorious for its rough conditions when we first meet them they'll ask us if there's any way they can go back to reikers because this terrible was the conditions.

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