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Of my favorite parts about sideline reporting just to give Chris another reason to knock me for name dropping is. I like to meet the celebrities on the sideline, right? And I have access to them in this situation. And I always always fun too. Recognize who recognizes you, right? Whether it be that was the cast from the a couple of guys from the from the veep show, which I love or at MSG one time. Spike Lee's, really, cool it cetera. Donnie, Wahlberg friend of the show, or I guess he's a former friend of the show because he was so bad at picking met him the other day. But when I was in Cleveland this year I saw Joe Haden Antonio Brown on the sidelines at LeBron comeback game. And my in of course, 'cause I knew Joe Haden knew who I was because I talked to him about the Gators or what have you so my in was to say hi to Joe. And then I went over and said hi to a B I can call him that now and obviously the connection of him being from Miami gave us a starting point to discuss. And I find him to be a pleasant human being. And so all this talk about him being a problem in Pittsburgh. I wondered if it's true because by every conversation that we'd have seems to be awesome. But have you heard about what's going on over there? It's kind of a mess right now. Yeah. It is the ease. He's perpetuating every stereotype about the diva wide. Receiver. Well, I mean, he's also right about being the best person the best player on that team. And there's so if you don't know he basically after during a practice this week walked out and reportedly said, I'm done screamed, I'm done. I think through the ball back toward Ben Rothlisberger after play and then just took off and wasn't back for the rest of the weeks practices. According to reports and was at the arena ready to play at the stadium. Ready to play this past week is agent. Drew Rosenhaus reportedly told Mike Tomlin. Hey, Antonio's ready to play and Mike Tomlin said that's not how things work around here. The team was saying there was a knee injury involved. And he was a game time decision. But Antonio Brown did not warm up his knee before the game. According to reports and little notes that sort of tell you that they were issues with between him and the team is if they weren't already obvious by him doing the double feed me thing after he catches all sometime, but juju Smith. Stor was voted team MVP despite Brown having one hundred and four receptions hundred yards led the NFL with fifteen touchdowns which is a team record. And clearly was the team MVP. And so he was he said he requested a trade didn't demand trait..

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