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And as much as there's this microscope, and he's living in a fish bowl right now is the number one overall pick as the future savior of any franchise that would have selected him. It happens to be the Jaguars. I Think if you look at his track record, even going back to high school before he was at Clemson, but definitely at Clemson at the highest levels of college football on the national championship state championship stage. Say that really fast a bunch of times more than once he is equipped to handle it. And yet he's humble about it. He knows that there are still a major learning curve and to hear him talk about it and to hear him recognize. Hey, I've got this to work on that to work on. You understand that he's in the right headspace. Just got to get a little bit better getting the ball out taking completions, Um, staying out of second and long and third and long makes it really hard for coach Bev and as an offense, it's just hard to convert all those third and long, so That's that's part of me to stay ahead of the chains and then just the whole offense. We got to click a little bit more, still got some work to do. We're not balanced right now. And when you get you know you have stuffed on were too many seconds off of, uh, off schedule plays in the first half, you know, three threes and out other than that one first down, So, um, that And then then the red Zone today, as you know, Trevor, the nice job and a two minute drill and then little pounded in there so Got to get her offensive line back and play better, you know, and, uh, run the ball. One reporter asked Urban Meyer why Trevor Lawrence isn't getting all the reps with the number ones after this game. If he wins it, you know which that hasn't happened yet. So as soon as that happens, then you give them the wonder ups all one reps if he wins it. That hasn't happened yet. Stop it. Would you really cut off your nose to spite your face, and maybe he's being sincere? Or maybe he thinks that he's being sincere. Certainly do your due diligence and do what's best for the team. That part I get. But come on. In a season in which you are starting fresh. You're starting from scratch. You got the number one overall pick that that pretty much every team, the majority of them in the NFL coveted. Your brand new head coach. Your Playing with zero expectations this season. Why would you ever not start? Trevor Lawrence? Why would you put off Getting him comfortable and acclimated. To life as an NFL starter. There's no reason to go with anyone else. Unless and and here's the The glaring weakness from last night's game is the offensive line was patchwork and piecemeal. And to that end, we did talk to Jaguar's radio host, JP Shad Rick, who joined us following his postgame show on the Jaguars. Radio networks want to bring back a portion of that conversation. About Trevor Lawrence and about his development and where he is and whether or not this is an actual competition with Gardner, Minshew and CJ Beth third, But if you want to hear what he had to say about the offensive line The unspoken heroes on any football team. Well, if they do their jobs well, you'll need to check that out on our podcast after hours, Amy Lawrence dot com. In addition, we do not have any information yet about the serious about while about how serious the foot sprain is for Travis Ctn, the rookie running back out of Clemson. This is a guy who's supposed to be really important to what they want to do. And and they didn't want to run the ball. But Travis didn't last very long out there on the field. So we're waiting some word on Tuesday. They showed me great. Talent We were planning on to use them in any always look up there. He's limping off the field, so yeah, and then, uh, you know, he was out in open space, and you know it was in a great throw to him, but we're just I see what everyone else. He's a talented guy that we've got to get in space. So we'll await some word on the rookie running back. They do obviously have other options. James Robinson being one of those, but to lose him after what one snap one series, especially if it's something that could keep him out for a while. That's frustrating in a setback that they don't want to have All right, you'll hear what JP has to say about the quarterbacks and whether or not this is an actual competition in Jacksonville, she says with a snicker. Also, there is some Caray Z. Conspiracy theory that I've been alerted to in New England. Are you kidding me? It's Bill Belichick. He doesn't do conspiracies or tricks. But I will explain, And I knew it was going to happen. Producer J We now have another tweet about you. That starts with no offense. This one though. I feel like you can shoot down with one very steady arrow coming out of your your quiver. Your bow. This is going to be super. I'm gonna set you up. Put the ball on the tee. I'm changing sports. I was first with the archery and now I'm going With Tebow. I'm going to put the ball on a tee and you can just knock it out of the park. Right? So that's coming up next. Thanks for joining us on what is a Tuesday morning. All the week's going so fast.

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