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Muscular new exterior and available options like premium JV allowed ecosystem and panoramic roof, y'all new raff Ford LTd, Toyota, let's go places JBL and clarifier registered trademarks of Harman international industries, Inc. What those Charlotte clearly playing. He'll now tell you about WWE's path to wrestlemainia in which which direction see more or less likely because of that. And how does Charlotte being solidified as a heel? It seems hard to say and WB for sure where they'll be a week or two does that change the dynamic of how you feel about one on one versus a triple threat if at all so I mean, I think as far as what they are doing they're doing what you've outlined which is saying that the idea of going to be Charlotte versus Ronda Rousey. So then when you then put back in there too. It's like oh Becky is in there, Hugh, rather than oh Charlotta somehow, he's the way here during this process. So then that's the idea as far as whether or change my calculus on on this match at all. No, no, it does not at all. I think that this story should be about Becky Lynch, conquering, Ronda Rousey, that's the match. People wanna see that's the issue. People wanna see. And the more you throw in this other element. The more you water down that basic element of what people wanna see the most and the satisfaction of that happening in the end. And even if you have that sort of what's happening at the at the very end of this thing, you're throwing in a whole lot of stuff in the interim that waters down the central focus of of of Becky Lynch's character arc, and I think I think it's it remains a a big mistake are let's shift to the Kurt angle saga rob storyline. They're teasing retirement interrupted by heels. And then he ends up teaming with Brown. Stroman against baron Corbin Indra McIntyre in the main event. The storylines of bomber like there's there's a way to tell the story of the aging legend where the aging legend loses. One key match it heals question him, and then he rallies he proves what he can do. But the story here is that he loses over and over and over again, and he looks hapless in the process and one thing that's really striking about this is the worst. They used to describe him on this show where there's so much scripting in a doubt defeat into precious. Like, there's they're constantly describing as being humiliated as being embarrassed. And like the the beloved older figure proving that they're still great is an inspiring story. The figure fine approved that they're not completely hapless. That's not a fun story. That's a sad story. You know, like, you don't watch the movie where the where the person that's sort of on the older side of of in sports works works as way to like, you know, finish twelfth. When people are figuring that they'll probably. You know, not be able to finish it all, you know, like, it's it's much more satisfying for them or even worse than that. It's you know, it's the journey should be towards a positive point as opposed to be Kurt angle working back to a point that at any other point in his career wouldn't have been considered that much of an accomplishment as far as some of the different specifics here, I think Corbin does work as the completely unlikeable foil. I think that I think that part of it works, and I think I think that's probably what they'll Bill towards his ankle beating him at the end. I think that's probably makes more sense than than drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre would be at least more of a mountain to climb going back to my earlier point. I think bronze a good fit has credentials, buddy. I'd like to see more of that. I thought that that it worked for both guys. And there's so there's there's some infrastructure there for a good story. But the the framing is is a big issue in my view. Yeah. Yep. All right. How about the moment of bliss? This and everything that went on there leading to the EC three leverage pin victory over Dino's. So the thing that stood out to me, the most was the characterization of DNA Ambrose, and it was and the.

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