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By bike avid seventy seven packers two minutes to go first half shotgun snapped bucket ears first midfield savage set drop it a dangerous throw finds his target on that he arrived as the out by does sean jackson underneath the various randle has him angle out of bounds at the thirty one yard line nineteen yard game birth down and that is why jamus wentz was the number one pick in the draft because the sean want sean jackson sorry going to gets the marius randall he really had double coverage them because i twin dicks was over the top it's exactly what they are trying to prevent and jackson able to run that deep out winston to such good timing anticipation and philosophy on that throw per stand attended the packer thirty one wisden out of a gun delayed hand off to poor bruce teams behind his offensive line ebit smith kevin pampilla pamphili shuddering left guarded clouds to a twenty six it's a gain of five it'll be second in five each with threetime outs 142 kwok roles seventy seven akers with illegally in the second quarter reclaim matthews absent will appeal multiple snap suit gauges came back him now i think they're redistributive applause oh but this is an oppressive answer dry right now for the there are already going to get points to be able to make this a one score gave a touchdown would be huge shotgun poor watch you were to go back left low snap which defied step drop looks he's pressured searches up at he gets hiccup behind it yanked down by klay back views makes immediate impact as he whipped out of the earth right obliges scrimmage though game play mad who has worked against pay k look better on the second year right tackle out of ucla yours get distort the the more the hudson in worth the terrible chop i better not you just didn't finish the block had matthews one of the things i really appreciate out he is his relentless persisted nature which would enable them to make that point third doubted by decree base twenty six forty one seconds most staff which could pass the football fires near wipe chechnya aid with two defenders so loud chris godwin who gets counted down at the eighteen it will get.

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